Linux Professional Institute Celebrates 15 Years Promoting Linux and open source

The Linux Professional Institute (LPI), the leading vendor-independent Linux certification organization, celebrates its fifteenth year as an organization committed to furthering the adoption of Linux and open source. The organization has led the way in growing the community of professionals with verified Linux skills. To date, the organization has delivered over 430,000 certification exams around the world with the help of its global affiliate network.

Since its founding, the Linux Professional Institute has focused on providing the best vendor-independent Linux certifications to allow candidates to prove they have core Linux skills enabling them to work across Linux distributions in a wide range of enterprise environments. The global community of LPI certified professionals, now over 150,000 strong, is characterized by self-motivated individuals intent on staying current on the latest changes in Linux as well as actively engaging in the larger open source community.

“Our mission has always been to provide the resources to help those interested in Linux and open source navigate the IT job market successfully. Our community of global affiliates has been instrumental in providing localized support to help our candidates gain access to resources in their location and in their native language,” said Jim Lacey, CEO of the Linux Professional Institute. He continued, “We are proud to be the world’s leading Linux certification organization, and stand ready to help anyone interested in pursuing a career in Linux or open source technology.”

The LPIC-1 and LPIC-304 level exams are currently undergoing a maintenance revision to ensure the exams reflect current job task needs. Both exams will be available in early 2015.


About the Linux Professional Institute:

The Linux Professional Institute (LPI) is dedicated to providing a global framework, industry leadership and other services to enhance, develop and further lifelong professional careers in Linux and open source technologies. LPI’s leading vendor-independent Linux certification program is supported by a global affiliate network that has helped deliver over 430,000 certification exams worldwide. Established as a non-profit in 1999, LPI is supported by the IT and educational communities, enterprise customers, and government entities.

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