Linux Professional Institute Releases Updated LPI 201 and 202 Exams

(Cobourg, Ontario, Canada; March 16, 2017) The Linux Professional Institute ( – the world’s leading Linux certification organization – released version 4.5 of their LPIC-2 Linux Engineer certification earlier this month. The new developments reflect recent changes in Linux technology environments. New objectives were shaped with input from the open source community. The new version is currently available in English, German, and Japanese. French, Spanish, and Portuguese will be available in the near future.

As a community based certification agency, we continuously accept feedback on our exams. This feedback is included in our updates which take approximately a year to complete. “Before releasing the new exams, we allowed volunteers from our community to take the beta exams. We got a lot of good and constructive feedback that we worked into the final exams. We’d like to thank everyone who helped with the beta exams, and send congratulations to those candidates who were the first to pass the new LPIC-2 objectives” says Fabian Thorns, (Director of Certification Development, LPI).

He continues, “The exam has been updated according to recent changes in the Linux ecosystem and IT in general. Since TLS has become widely adopted on the Internet, we now require our candidates to know how to encrypt all the network services covered in the exam. We also would like to see our candidates setting up IPv6 for all their systems. Other important areas of the update include the introduction of SSSD and Sieve filters, as well as standard updates to such software as Apache HTTPD 2.4 and Samba 4.”

G. Matthew Rice (Executive Director, LPI) goes on to explain, “Interest in open source technology continues to grow with both corporations and individuals alike. This results in constant improvements and additions to the body of open and freely available software. The updates to our LPIC-2 certification reflect these changes with the inclusion of new and updated topics which help to improve security, performance, integrations, and much more. For anyone interested in staying informed of the latest technologies available to an open source professional, the LPIC-2 certification will prove a valuable, complete, and clear resource”.

There are many learning materials that you can use to study for the new exam. A great place to start is the Free Training Materials page from our LPI wiki. There are also several LPI books that have already been updated to cover the new version. NOTE: check the version number and age of any book to ensure it covers the newest version of the exam.

You can review the new objectives on the website at Plus, you can find a detailed list of changes made to the exam, here.

Want to certify your Linux skills? You can find out how to take our exams, here:

For more information on our new or existing exams, contact a member of the LPI team:

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