27 Years of FreeBSD and Why You Should Get Involved!

Join Linux Professional Institute (LPI) on June 24, 2020 from 12:00PM EDT – 1:00PM EDT for a deep dive into FreeBSD.

The FreeBSD Open Source Operating System is one of the oldest, largest, and most successful open source projects, with a long history of innovation. FreeBSD descended from Berkeley Unix back in the early ’90s, with its lineage dating back 50 years to the original UNIX. It’s known for its reliability, stability, and advanced networking and performance.  

Deb Goodkin, Executive Director, FreeBSDFoundation will take you through its long history and highlight some of the features that set FreeBSD apart from other operating systems. Deb will walk us through;

  • what is FreeBSD and why people use it
  • how the FreeBSD project works
  • why you should use and/or contribute to FreeBSD

The world is better with a diversity of operating systems, so expand your knowledge by learning about another operating system to help inform what you are going to use in your work, studies, or hobbies. 

Come prepared with questions! Register Now. Space is limited.

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