Open Source Journeys: In Conversation With Terry Hancock

Marcel hangs out and chats with people who have been captured by the spirit and promise of Linux and Open Source software. Open Source is part philosophy, part technology, and part ideology. That’s a powerful combination that sparks the imagination … Per saperne di più

Zigging while others are zagging

These days, at least in the US, it’s common for airline safety announcement to conclude with something like, “We know you have a choice of carriers and we appreciate that you chose us today”. It’s a nice sentiment, but it … Per saperne di più

Open Source Journeys: In Conversation With Carla Schroder

Today’s podcast features Carla Schroder, a self-described “tool nerd” who went on to become a big name in the world of open source articles, blogs, and actual paper books. Specifically, Carla has written “Linux Cookbook”, “Linux Networking Cookbook”, and “The … Per saperne di più

Doing It For The Right Reasons: Millennials, Open Source, and Philosophy

By Marcel Gagné Congratulations on choosing a carreer in Linux and Open Source! If you’re just starting on the journey, I wish you all the best. I’m thrilled to hear that you’ve decided to pursue a career in Linux and … Per saperne di più

Will A Robot Eat Your Job?

One of my favourite news shows did a depressing story about jobs and careers, that somehow made me feel better about mine. Among my few regular watches on television these days is “Last Week Tonight”, an HBO news/comedy show hosted … Per saperne di più

Are you ready to be a DevOps Engineer?

Congratulations! You have just passed the LPI DevOps certification exam. You are now ready for action when it comes to the tool- and tech-side of DevOps. To become an even better DevOps Engineer, there are three topics that will help … Per saperne di più

Why are Beta Exams Important for the Certification Development?

In the fall of 2018, LPI held beta exam labs for the updated LPIC-1 certification.  Exam development is a complex process, both when it comes to updating existing certifications, and when it comes to developing new ones, such as the … Per saperne di più

Linux Essentials Version 1.6 Update

Besides LPIC-1, the Linux Essential certificate received an update in October 2018, too. It is a minor update which brings the certificate from version 1.5 to version 1.6 and only includes a few changes. In today’s post we take a … Per saperne di più

LPIC-1: Clouds, Desktops and Some More Changes

Besides the topics discussed in the last posts, LPIC-1 version 5.0 introduces various small changes which we will discuss today. Most noticeably, the new objective ‘Linux as a virtualization guest’, was added to exam 101. This objective covers specialties of running … Per saperne di più

LPIC-1: iproute2 and NetworkManager

The restructuring of the networking objectives is one of the major changes in LPIC-1 version 5.0. The entire topic 109 is dedicated to the connectivity of your system. The new structure divides the topic into networking fundamentals (109.1), persistent network … Per saperne di più

LPIC-1: Systemd Beyond Services

In today’s post, we review some topics related to systemd that go beyond starting and stopping services. These topics were added to LPIC-1 in version 5.0. Objective 101.3 already covered systemd in version 4.0. The focus of this objective is managing … Per saperne di più

LPIC-1: Loading Linux

In October 2018, LPI updated LPIC-1 to version 5.0 and Linux Essentials to version 1.6. In this blog series we will review the major changes introduced by these updates. Today, we start with an overview of ways to load the … Per saperne di più