LPI and Cloud Admins

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What does it mean today to work as an admin for a cloud provider? In cooperation with the Linuxhotel, Linux Professional Institute Central Europe is looking into this question.

When it comes to cloud computing, many people may think of large data centers of international corporations somewhere on another continent. Adacor Hosting GmbH offers cloud and hosting services with high availability, security and flexibility from Essen, Offenbach and Gütersloh, with several data centers in Frankfurt since 2003 with steady growth. Unsurprisingly, Linux administration runs on automation of everything.

We were lucky enough to have an interview with CEO and founder of Adacor, Andreas Bachmann. Ingo Wichmann from Linuxhotel will ask questions about the technology and the software used at Adacor. But we are also curious to hear from Andreas about the everyday work as an admin at Adacor.

What role do Linux skills play in automation? How do you manage to fulfill individual customer wishes when you have automated everything?

Furthermore we are looking forward to hearing your questions! The webinar will be held in German language.

Prepare questions and register early. You can also view the webinar via the livestream on our LPI YouTube channel.

When will this webinar be held in your time zone?

  • Tokyo: 23:00 
  • Toronto, New York: 10:00 
  • Sao Paulo: 11:00 
  • Lima: 9:00 

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