New Learning Materials in Italian, Spanish, and Polish

Linux Professional Institute (LPI) recently released Italian and Spanish language versions of Learning Materials for LPIC-1, as well as the Learning Materials for the Linux Essentials exam in Polish.

Andrea Polidori finalized the translation into Italian of the LPIC-1 102 Lessons, edited by Max Roveri. Andrea says, “Often the students in my courses ask me for material in Italian to improve their preparation for the LPIC-1 certification exams. After months of working with my colleague and friend Max Roveri, I can finally tell them that everything they need is on the LPI Learning portal.”

José Alvarez is the Spanish translator of the LPIC-1 102 Learning Materials, honed by the editors Yoel Torres and Juan Ibarra. José says, “When I first started working with the Learning Materials, I realized what excellent support they are for my colleagues and everyone who works with Linux. Translating them into Spanish, therefore, became a major goal for me and a great experience with the LPI team,”

A profitable and busy summer also saw the release of the Polish translation of the Learning Portal, along with the translation of the Linux Essentials Materials in the same language. Krzysztof Lorenz, the translator, commented. “The translation of the Learning Materials into Polish is a good signal for the free and open source software (FOSS) movement in Poland and I am very pleased to be able to contribute to this achievement. I really enjoyed working with the LPI team.”

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