Benefits of Becoming an LPI Member

Recently, Linux Professional Institute (LPI) launched a formal membership program for holders of its professional level certifications. This program includes holders of LPIC-1 certifications or higher, as well as those certified in the growing list of Open Technology topics.  Membership … Per saperne di più

How to Contribute to an Open Source Project

It is great to see that the strategic relevance of open source software for the software industry is rapidly increasing (e.g. shown by IBM and Microsoft investing heavily into open source) and companies as well as individuals increasingly acknowledge the … Per saperne di più

Dorothy K. Gordon Joins the Linux Professional Institute (LPI) Board of Directors

I am very happy to introduce Ms. Dorothy K. Gordon as the latest Board Director for the Linux Professional Institute. Born in Ghana, Dorothy also spent much of her early life in the United Kingdom and Nigeria.  She is fluent … Per saperne di più

Open source for distance learning: GARR and the initiative

Italy was one of the first countries to impose strict lockdown measures as the COVID-19 virus started to devastate the northern part of the country. Many people there were unused to working or learning from home, and needed a simple, … Per saperne di più

Open source careers: How Mehdi Hamidi became a DevOps Specialist

In 2019, Linux Professional Institute (LPI) celebrated 20 years of offering training and tests. The LPI20 Birthday Contest gave us the opportunity to hear from you some amazing stories about your careers in open source and how the LPI certification … Per saperne di più

The value of open source to universities: UC Santa Cruz tests the water

In addition to providing the world with its most enduring and valuable software–Internet protocol stacks, Linux, and more–free and open source software offers immense educational benefits. The gap between producing a nice prime number generator for a professor and contributing … Per saperne di più

Linux and empowerment go together for non-neurotypical

An impressive achievement was reported to Linux Professional Institute (LPI) this past June: all 12 students in the computer program at the Structuurklas Project, in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, had taken the Linux Essentials exam and passed. Even more impressive: the … Per saperne di più

Supporting public access to government data in Brazil

Linux Professional Institute (LPI) has recently sponsored, an open data project in Brazil dedicated to transparency and sharing of government data. Although uses volunteers as well as Free and Open Source Software, they have expenses that need to … Per saperne di più

TDC teaches how to deliver a vibrant interactive experience

How does a conference make the transition to virtual participation in the age of the COVID-19 virus? And suppose you have less than two months to do so? As social distancing loomed as a dire necessity in February and March … Per saperne di più

Folding@Home: Free/libre/open source software comes to the aid of the world’s COVID-19 emergency

The past few months have been a time of uncertainty and fear. With each passing day, more people get sick and more people die. Many places are still dragging out and prolonging their quarantine periods. At the same time, we … Per saperne di più

Good (Free) Training is Not Hard to Come By

So now that we are indoors most of the time in keeping with social distancing guidelines, many of us are searching for ways to make this time productive.  For whatever reasons you might find yourself in-between jobs or are already … Per saperne di più

Sysvale and LPI: Strategic Planning in Times of COVID-19

When 2019 was just about to end, I got a message from Eugênio Marques, CEO of Sysvale Softgroup, a healthtech that has been collaborating with the Linux Professional Institute (LPI) since its foundation a little more than five years ago. … Per saperne di più