From Arcade Games to High-End Linux Teaching: Jean Tomáz

Greetings! I’m Jean Tomáz from Catalão in the state of Goiás, Brazil. My journey into the technological world began during my teenage years, fueled by a passion for arcade games. One fateful day, I stumbled upon a magazine promising to … Per saperne di più

How Software Development Is (Not) Different in the Front End and Back End

In the development of web services, the various tasks can be divided into front end and back end. Roughly summarized, front-end development refers to all work that primarily deals with user interfaces. The front end communicates with the back end, … Per saperne di più

Pick Your First Programming Language (for Web Development)

Choosing your first programming language feels a bit like navigating a labyrinth with 9,000 passageways. Yep, that’s the staggering number of coding languages out there, as reported by the Online Historical Encyclopaedia of Programming Languages. Even if you narrow it … Per saperne di più

What’s Essential in Web Development

In early 2022, Linux Professional Institute (LPI) introduced the Web Development Essentials exam. This posting discusses some of the reasons why the exam is structured the way it is, the benefits it provides to learners and teachers, and how it … Per saperne di più

IBM, Red Hat and Free Software: An old maddog’s view

Copyright 2023 by Jon “maddog” Hall Licensed under Creative Commons BY-SA-ND Photo: © Santiago Ferreira Litowtschenko Several people have opined on the recent announcement of Red Hat to change their terms of sales for their software.  Here are some thoughts … Per saperne di più

LPI Advocacy in Vietnam Continues to Grow

In 2023, as Linux Professional Institute (LPI) continues to expand its engagement in the APAC region. We are scaling up our involvement particularly in Vietnam, building upon the progress made in 2022. Vietnam’s thriving IT landscape presents immense opportunities, making … Per saperne di più

Morrolinux’s Tips: Linux Recovery Tools

Recovering from system issues and boot failures is an essential skill needed by all Linux users. While Windows users often rely on automated recovery tools, Linux users have traditionally taken a more hands-on approach. However, that doesn’t mean that Linux … Per saperne di più

Boost Your IT Career by Learning DevOps with LPI

DevOps combines development (dev) and operations (ops) to increase the efficiency, speed, and security of software development and delivery compared to traditional processes. DevOps is a software engineering methodology that aims to integrate the work of software development and software … Per saperne di più

From Homelessness to Linux Triumph: Juliano’s Journey

Hello everybody: Juliano from São Paulo, Brazil here. Let me tell you my life story, a mix of personal dedication and vision, social progress initiatives, a love of education, and the power of open source software. It is impossible not … Per saperne di più

A Successful Talent Land ’23 for LPI and Partners

Talent Land is a major annual tech event held in Mexico. This year, the event boasted an impressive number of registered attendees, with 40,379 individuals from all over the world. There were 873 speakers, 642 talks, and 161 workshops spanning … Per saperne di più

From USB Modems to FOSS: Roberto Guido’s Journey

Hello everyone, Roberto here! My relationship with Linux started quite unexpectedly, all because of an ADSL USB modem. I was 16 years old when I got my first PC, and shortly after that, I learned about Linux from a magazine … Per saperne di più

Certificazione per lo sviluppo e la fidelizzazione dei dipendenti

“I certificati personali pretendono di offrire una prova affidabile delle conoscenze, abilità e competenze individuali”. Questa citazione proviene da un sito web che offre consigli di esperti sul web. Credo che la maggior parte degli operatori del settore informatico sia … Per saperne di più