Why Seek an LPI Security Essentials Certificate?

IT security is more important than ever. We are all, as individuals and as organizations, exposed to IT security threats. Therefore, every computer user needs information about protecting computers and data. This goal prompted LPI to create the Security Essentials … Per saperne di più

Community Event Creates a Vision for Empowerment

Jumping Bean, a computer consulting firm located in a suburb of Johannesburg, South Africa, received an unusual phone call in late 2022. Parents of students at a local high school, consisting predominantly of previously disadvantaged students, asked the organization to … Per saperne di più

Open Source Myth: That Intruders Can More Easily Find Flaws

People who think that open source suffers from poor quality often air this myth as well. It seems superficially to make sense, because malicious attackers can read open code and find bugs they can exploit. These bugs are often called … Per saperne di più

A Sysadmin Takes the LPI Security Essentials Exam

Linux Professional Institute (LPI) officially launched its newest certificate, Security Essentials. As an official training partner, I had the opportunity to participate in the beta phase of the exam, and thus get to know it better and contribute my impressions. … Per saperne di più

Why Everyone Should Know Security Essentials

LPI has just released the Security Essentials certificate. Our interest in this topic is not arbitrary: These days, IT security news is ubiquitous. Every day, someone’s data is encrypted for ransom, personal information is copied, and new security vulnerabilities are … Per saperne di più

Open Source Myth: That It Will Be Incompatible With the Software Colleagues Use

People who spread fear through this myth are enforcing a software monoculture, which is just as bad for organizations as crop monocultures are for agriculture. Most companies nowadays use open formats, so colleagues won’t even notice if you’re using an … Per saperne di più

Open Source Myth: That Open Source Has Poor Quality

This myth assumes that proprietary companies invest a lot of effort in ensuring that their code is correct and secure, whereas open source projects don’t. But bugs and security flaws turn up in both proprietary and open source code. In … Per saperne di più

Examining Myths That Hold People Back From Open Source Software

What’s making you hesitate to take advantage of free and open source software? Advocates for free software praise the ability of GNU/Linux to extend the life of old hardware and support an enormous range of systems; the customizations offered by … Per saperne di più

Studente e insegnante di Linux: Hamdy Abou El Anein

Nella serie di contenuti Share Your Voice di Linux Professional Institute, le persone raccontano come Linux e l’open source contribuiscano alla loro crescita personale e professionale. Oggi intervistiamo Hamdy Abou El Anein dalla Svizzera: Senior Linux System Engineer, scrittore, appassionato e … Per saperne di più

A moment fraught with both possibility and danger for educaTRANSforma

Three and a half years; more than 170 job offers—these raw numbers sum up the achievements of educaTRANSforma, a training and mentoring nonprofit for transgender people in Brazil. But hundreds of individual stories lie behind the statistics. Now that educaTRANSforma … Per saperne di più

How to Prepare for the Web Development Essentials exam, Part 3: Databases

This article finishes a series about the most recent addition to Linux Professional Institute certifications: Web Development Essentials. The first two parts introduced you to front-end and back-end programming. The last major technology you need to understand is a database. … Per saperne di più

Five mistakes to avoid when you upgrade to Linux

Moreno Razzoli, aka Morrolinux, is a YouTuber, FOSS evangelist, and LPI’s Platinum Partner. He returns to this site support the Upgrade to Linux initiative. When you are starting your Linux journey, the first steps are extremely important. We have all … Per saperne di più