Come Linux ha conosciuto mia madre

La resistenza al nuovo e all’ignoto fa parte del comportamento umano. È un tratto evolutivo che, in generale, ci protegge dai pericoli ambientali e, allo stesso tempo, ci impedisce di sprecare energia inutilmente. Recentemente, la ricerca ha dimostrato che gli … Per saperne di più

How to Prepare for the Web Development Essentials Exam, Part 1: The Most Essential

What organization can exist today without a web page? If you know how to create a web site, you can add enormous value to any organization you work for, and find employment almost anywhere. The Web Development Essentials certificate from … Per saperne di più

Strategic moves at Federal Academy for Cyber Education in India

When a college in India, the Federal Academy for Cyber Education (FACE), started a major restructuring of their program, an important part of their strategy was to become a partner of Linux Professional Institute (LPI). I talked to founder and … Per saperne di più

How a GNU/Linux Distribution Succeeds, Part 2: Red Hat and Debian Steps to Success

The first article in this series looked at the key roles played by community and policy from the beginning in the Red Hat and Debian distributions of Linux. We’ll look at two other key success factors in this concluding part. … Per saperne di più

Slimbook plans to expand its Linux laptop business

Slimbook has been selling laptops running GNU/Linux along with server systems and accessories since 2015. A company running out of Valencia, Spain, it has recently just signed a Solution Provider agreement with Linux Professional Institute (LPI). To learn more about … Per saperne di più

The Developers Conference demonstrates how all technology events are FOSS events – it

For fifteen years, The Developers Conference has taken place in several locations in Brazil. Of course, during the Covid-19 outbreak, like several other conferences, TDC (as it is called by its participants), became a virtual event. Returning in August, 2022 … Per saperne di più

The LPI community elects three members to its Board of Directors

All of us at Linux Professional Institute (LPI) want to congratulate our new Directors, elected at LPI’s Annual General Meeting held June 25 2022: VM (Vicky) Brasseur – USA (re-elected) Emmanuel Nguimbus – Cameroon Ricardo Prudenciato – Brazil The newly-elected … Per saperne di più

Strengthening Transgender Access to Jobs in Brazil: educaTRANSforma Supports the Whole Person

The transgender movement has created a cascade of coming-out, not least in Brazil, where researchers found that 0.69% of the population identifies as transgender, and 1.19% as non-binary. Employers in Brazil, as elsewhere, have also realized that creating safe spaced … Per saperne di più

Creating NFTs with Free and Open Source Software

An unusual educational opportunity came to Linux Professional Institute (LPI) over the summer of 2021. Two interns–Alex, a Public Relations student and myself, Rozilyn, studying electrical and computer engineering–decided to create a set of NFTs as a learning excercise. This … Per saperne di più

Sonia Ben Othman: Achieving Equity and Supporting Growth for Women and Girls in FOSS

Part of the Linux Professional Institute (LPI) mission of “promoting the use of open source by supporting the people who work with it” is facilitating equity. Supporting the adoption of FOSS and professional development of those that use it, in … Per saperne di più

A hackathon’s story: first GHOFOSS hackathon, Italy

Since the start of the project for an open history of FOSS, the Linux Professional Institute (LPI) defines it as a “glocal” one. By glocal, we mean the best possible mix of global and local history, stories, and initiatives. Sunday, … Per saperne di più

Help Us Refresh the LPIC-2 Certification Objectives

We have recently started the ball rolling on our regular refresh of the objectives for LPIC-2. We’re always looking for opinions and other input from our community, too. If you are interested in helping out or just observing some of … Per saperne di più