Will AI Replace Developers?

The technology industry has already seen more than 230,000 job cuts since the beginning of 2023. The feeling one gets from these widespread layoffs, the collapse of crypto asset prices, and the bankruptcy of Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) is that … Read more

Software Freedom Day: Connect With New Clientele and Your Community

Software Freedom Day (SFD) is a global initiative that takes place on September 16th, with over 300 events in 100 cities worldwide. It is a key opportunity for organizations to establish their community presence, extend their reach to new potential … Read more

From SEO to DevOps Via LPI: Adam Stegienko’s Path

My journey with the technology world started not a long time ago but has been extremely intense. Having graduated from non-IT studies, I had my first two jobs in the Finance field. Although some of my responsibilities were close to … Read more

Web Development Must Be Considered as a Whole

“Visit our website” is the phrase found in every press release and at the end of articles and white papers. Websites have become the primary medium to inform the public about products, services, leisure, news, education, and just about everything. … Read more

Morrolinux’s Tips: Playing Games on Linux? It Works!

Many game enthusiasts believe that playing on GNU/Linux is impossible. In reality, support for gaming on Linux is constantly improving, thanks to various available software solutions. With the launch of Valve’s Steam Deck, interest in gaming on Linux is growing … Read more

Web Development Essentials as a Focus for Employee Development

ARC Inc. was one of the first companies in Japan to adopt Web Development Essentials (WDE), a certificate program recently introduced by Linux Professional Institute, using the program to prepare employees for day-to-day web development. We talked to Tomohiro Murayama, … Read more

From Arcade Games to High-End Linux Teaching: Jean Tomáz

Greetings! I’m Jean Tomáz from Catalão in the state of Goiás, Brazil. My journey into the technological world began during my teenage years, fueled by a passion for arcade games. One fateful day, I stumbled upon a magazine promising to … Read more

How Software Development Is (Not) Different in the Front End and Back End

In the development of web services, the various tasks can be divided into front end and back end. Roughly summarized, front-end development refers to all work that primarily deals with user interfaces. The front end communicates with the back end, … Read more

Pick Your First Programming Language (for Web Development)

Choosing your first programming language feels a bit like navigating a labyrinth with 9,000 passageways. Yep, that’s the staggering number of coding languages out there, as reported by the Online Historical Encyclopaedia of Programming Languages. Even if you narrow it … Read more

What’s Essential in Web Development

In early 2022, Linux Professional Institute (LPI) introduced the Web Development Essentials exam. This posting discusses some of the reasons why the exam is structured the way it is, the benefits it provides to learners and teachers, and how it … Read more

IBM, Red Hat and Free Software: An old maddog’s view

Copyright 2023 by Jon “maddog” Hall Licensed under Creative Commons BY-SA-ND Photo: © Santiago Ferreira Litowtschenko Several people have opined on the recent announcement of Red Hat to change their terms of sales for their software.  Here are some thoughts … Read more

LPI Advocacy in Vietnam Continues to Grow

In 2023, as Linux Professional Institute (LPI) continues to expand its engagement in the APAC region. We are scaling up our involvement particularly in Vietnam, building upon the progress made in 2022. Vietnam’s thriving IT landscape presents immense opportunities, making … Read more