COMCAVE neuer Platinum Partner des Linux Professional Institutes

Mit mehr als 350 Standorten und über 500 Mitarbeitern gehört COMCAVE zu den führenden Anbietern für geförderte Weiterbildung, Umschulung und berufsbegleitende Seminare in Deutschland. Das Linux Professional Institute (LPI) ist stolz und glücklich, COMCAVE nun als Platinum Training Partner willkommen … Weiterlesen

Linux Professional Institute Learning Materials in Ukrainian

After translating Linux Essentials into Ukrainian, Linux Professional Institute (LPI) is pleased to offer their complete Learning Materials for Web Development Essentials freshly translated into that language. LPI’s sincere thanks go to Nataliia Poliakova and Serhii Dziuba for their translation … Weiterlesen

LPI Members to vote for the Board of Directors

Linux Professional Institute (LPI) is encouraging its Members to vote for its Board of Directors. The Nominating Committee and members have compiled a list of promising candidates to fill the three open positions. Voting opened on May 28, 2022 and remains … Weiterlesen

LPI at WorldSkills Germany: Amazing Young IT Talents

WorldSkills, the world championship of professions, looks for outstanding talents in different job profiles each year. Since 2017, Linux Professional Institute (LPI) has supported WorldSkills Germany in Skill 39, IT-Network Systems Administration with exam tasks for the Linux sector. Last … Weiterlesen

Morrolinux, free software YouTube channel with 64k subscribers, is now a Platinum Partner

Morrolinux, aka Moreno Razzoli, is the newest Linux Professional Institute (LPI) Platinum Training Partner (ATP) in Italy. Morrolinux is a one-man project providing online training for GNU/Linux and networking, supporting open source video-editing related tools, and–last but definitely not least–setting … Weiterlesen

Linux Professional Institute Releases Web Development Essentials

Linux Professional Institute (LPI) announces the availability of the Web Development Essentials program. The program provides an introduction to software development using web technologies. The program contains learning objectives, Learning Materials, an exam, and a certificate that is awarded upon … Weiterlesen

RAIT and Microdevice Spearhead LPI’s Mission in the Indian Subcontinent

Given India’s four million computing jobs and 880,000 computer science students annually enrolled, it is an important part of the Linux Professional Institute (LPI) mission to internationally support open source professionals to offer certifications in that part of the world. … Weiterlesen

IpCert is now an LPI Gold Partner

IpCert is an Italian company specializing since 2009 in the provision of highly professional courses in IT, aimed at helping students gain the most critical industry certifications. The company offers courses toward Linux Professional Institute (LPI) certifications, along with other … Weiterlesen

IT-Schulungen becomes a Linux Professional Institute Platinum Partner: a decade of educational success

The Nürnberg Education Center, IT-Schulungen, celebrates a twofold achievement this month. First, March 2022 marks ten years of offering a complete set of courses for Linux Professional Institute (LPI) certification. At the same time, IT-Schulungen has reached the highest stage … Weiterlesen

LPI Announces Web Development Essentials Beta Exams and Learning Materials

Linux Professional Institute (LPI) is entering the last phase of the development of the new Web Development Essentials program. This phase includes public beta exams to which we invite selected candidates as well as the release of Learning Materials for … Weiterlesen

Unique Quilt Displays Linux History for the OLF Conference

One of the most respected and long-lasting conferences in the free and open source space is Open Libre Free (OLF), originally called the Ohio Linux Fest. Launched by Ohio Linux User groups, and Ohio State University Volunteers in 2003, the … Weiterlesen

LPI Partner Case Study: TAKES (Japan)

Linux Professional Institute (LPI) partners with many institutions to strengthen our offerings and the community of free and open source software. This article is part of a series about case studies involving our partner companies. TAKES Co., Ltd., founded in … Weiterlesen