DevOps Tools Introduction #04: Source Code Management

Storing work results and sharing them with colleagues is an essential part of open source and DevOps culture. Source Code Management (SCM) and version control systems ensure all members of a team stay on top of changes to source code … Per saperne di più

DevOps Tools Introduction #03: Cloud Components and Platforms

Equipped with knowledge about modern software development and architectures, we will focus on building blocks of such applications. Objective 701.2 of LPI’s DevOps Tool Engineer exam covers software components and platforms. The objective mentions a number of technology components such as … Per saperne di più

DevOps Tools Introduction #02: Modern Software Development

The DevOps Tools Engineer exam starts with objective 701.1 which covers modern software development, including aspects of architecture and team organization. These are broad topics but, since LPI expects candidates to be experienced IT professionals, you will probably already have some … Per saperne di più

DevOps Tools Introduction #01: Getting ‘Getting Started’ Started

In October 2017, LPI released the Linux Professional Institute DevOps Tools Engineer certification. Covering a series of relatively new tools used to develop and deliver software in a collaborative manner, the content of this exam extends skills of both software developers … Per saperne di più

Hosting a Successful Global Summit: Lessons for Project Managers

Introduction Every year, Linux Professional Institute (LPI) gathers staff, regional partners, and strategic partners from all over the world to discuss how to better serve the needs of the Linux and Open Source community. Helping to organize a global event … Per saperne di più

What is DevOps? or: Why Another DevOps Certification?

The Linux Professional Institute (“LPI”) recently announced the objectives for a new certification – the LPIC-OT DevOps Tools Engineer – which tests the skills and understanding of the open source tools commonly used by organisations trying to create a DevOps … Per saperne di più

The Skills Gap and Future-Proofing Your Career

I speak to so many enthusiastic people at open source events around the world and they’re always looking for some real practical advice. It’s safe to say that evidence has been steadily mounting in the last few years for a … Per saperne di più

From an Email to an Exam: Developing LPIC-2 Version 4.5

The news that version 4.5 of the LPIC-2 objectives for the 201 and 202 exams was released on February 13th 2017 means that we can already congratulate our first candidates on earning their LPIC-2 certification based on the new objectives. … Per saperne di più

SCALE 15x: The tech sector is opening up in many ways

In July last year I joined LPI – a non-profit organisation run to serve the shared interests and needs of the open source community. In support of our community, LPI attends the industry’s leading open source and Linux events each … Per saperne di più