LPI Releases LPIC-3 Mixed Environments Version 3.0

Linux Professional Institute (LPI) released version 3.0 of the LPIC-3 Mixed Environments certification program. The release is a major update that brings fundamental changes to the exam objectives and adjusts the covered topics to recent changes in technology. The LPIC-3 certification … En savoir plus

LPI Members elected the new Board of Directors

At its Annual General Meeting held June 26, 2021, Linux Professional Institute (LPI) completed the last stage in a major change to its governing structure. For the first time, LPI’s Members have chosen its Board and directly participated in its … En savoir plus

ICT Pro partnership with Linux Professional Institute demonstrates the demand for FOSS

ICT Pro is a corporate training firm centered in Brno, Czech Republic, providing a wide range of training for more than 25 years. Their training in English has already been offered in 14 different countries on 4 continents. The courses … En savoir plus

IT Training, Ltd. reaches the Platinum level as LPI’s first partner in Bulgaria

IT Training, Ltd. is a Bulgaria-based technical training firm that offers 200 to 250 courses, training about 1,000 students, each year. For the past three and a half years, IT Training has been an LPI partner, and they recently achieved … En savoir plus

SmartCT Partners with LPI to Apply Open Source for Better Local Governments

SmartCT (Facebook page), a community organization in the Philippines, has recently become a Linux Professional Institute (LPI) partner at the highest level, Platinum sponsorship. SmartCT presents an unusual and inspiring model for LPI partnership. Unlike most partners, which offer training, … En savoir plus

LPI Partner Case Study: Internet Academy (Japan)

Linux Professional Institute (LPI) partners with many institutions to strengthen our offerings and the community of free and open source software. This article is part of a series about case studies involving our partner companies. Internet Academy has been a … En savoir plus

Italian Linux Society joins the Linux Professional Institute as Community Member

Teaming up for the “Glocal history of FOSS” project The Italian Linux Society (ILS) has joined the Linux Professional Institute (LPI) as a Community Partner. ILS and the Italian chapter of LPI have teamed up many times in the past. … En savoir plus

Brazil Embraces the Open Code: Partnership between LPI and SENAI

Linux Professional Institute (LPI) in Brazil recently established a technological cooperation partnership, platinum level, with the National Service for Industrial Learning (SENAI). This collaboration has an impact far beyond the usual commercial partnerships. It raises the importance of Linux, and … En savoir plus

Linux Essentials Learning Materials now in Italian

Linux Professional Institute (LPI) releases Italian translation of Learning Materials for Linux Essentials certificates. The Learning Materials for the LPI’s introductory certificate level, Linux Essentials, are now available in Italian on the Learning Portal. Altogether, the Linux Essentials Learning Materials … En savoir plus

LPI Members to vote for the Board of Directors

Linux Professional Institute (LPI) is encouraging its Members to vote for its Board of Directors. The Nominating Committee and members have compiled a list of promising candidates. Voting will open on May 15, 2021 and remain open until the day … En savoir plus

LPI releases French translation of Learning Materials for Linux Essentials certificates

The Learning Materials for the introductory certificate level, Linux Essentials, at the Linux Professional Institute (LPI) are now available in French. This project continues LPI’s commitment to develop and translate Learning Materials for its certifications, which in turn allow a … En savoir plus

Linux Essentials and LPIC-1 exams available online in Portuguese

Linux Professional Institute (LPI) is happy to announce that its Linux Essentials and LPIC-1 exams are now available online in Portuguese. Since LPI started offering its certification exams online, the exam development team has been working hard to offer them … En savoir plus