LPI Thrilled to be Presenting at OpenAlt Conference
November 6, 2021

LPI Thrilled to be Presenting at OpenAlt Conference

November 6 - 7, 2021

Linux Professional Institute (LPI) invites you to connect with them at OpenAlt Conference 2021 taking place November 6 - 7, 2021 virtually. LPI is delighted to be supporting and presenting on new opportunities for the open source community!

Open Access to an Open Society

The conference will bring together people from different fields. The thematic areas will be very similar to last year. As inspiration, you can look at the recordings of lectures from previous years.

LPI Central Europe Presentation

Elzbieta Godlewska, from our LPI Central Europe team will give a talk on November 6th at 3:00pm local time. 

Learn with FOSS communities or how to turn a passion into a profession
(This talk will be presented in English)

Abstract: Ubuntu, Debian, Parrot, Sys/DevOps are just some examples of free software advocacy communities. How do these informal groups work? How do you turn a shared passion into a project and a project into a profession? You will also learn how the Linux Professional Institute helps you develop personal and professional skills that will build your career and expand the global pool of open source talent.