Open Source Essentials Version 1.0 Beta

Selection Criteria

The candidate has a fundamental understanding of important aspects of free and open source software. This includes knowledge of the technical characteristics of software, of open software licensing and open content licensing. Furthermore, the candidate understands how software is developed, especially within free and open software projects. The candidate also is aware of common open source business models and collaboration tools.

The candidate has the necessary skills to apply other professional skills in the context of free and open source software. The candidate has the knowledge to be an informed and valuable member of free and open source communities, as well as other organizations developing, supporting and using free and open source software.

Exam Delivery

  • Beta exams will be available October 9 – November 12, 2023.
  • Information about the exam delivery will be shared with the registered candidates by email.
  • The price of each beta exam is $50 USD (and free for members).
  • The exams are available in the form of a computer based test through OnVUE online testing platform.
  • OnVUE online proctors and greeters are English speakers.
  • The time required for candidates to write the beta exam is 60 minutes for 40 items.
  • At the end of the exam candidates will be asked to fill out a survey. Only candidates who complete the survey will receive the exam results.

Exam Information

Linux Professional Institute adds a new exam to their Essentials certification track, covering the fundamental aspects of free and open source software, open content and open technology. It includes topics from various professions, including legal, technical and business aspects. The program is not limited to a specific profession. Instead, it covers the common knowledge that anyone who is professionally involved with open source should have. This common knowledge allows developers, managers, lawyers and any other professional working in the field of open source to communicate, share a common perspective and terminology, and collaborate successfully. This program also allows individuals to understand the concepts behind open source and engage with the open source community.

Detailed information about the exam objectives is available on the LPI wiki:

Beta Exam Results

Beta results will be shared with candidates approximately 2 months after the beta test period is over. In order to receive the results, candidates have to fill in the survey.

Sign up to take a beta exam

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