Open Anniversary 2021

Celebrating Open Anniversary 2021

January 18, 2021 - by Kaitlin Edwards

In 2021, the open source movement will be celebrating several important milestones, including the 30th Anniversary of Linux.

This is a great opportunity to reflect about the impact the open source movement has had on your business and society as a whole. 

The 2021 Open Anniversary celebrations will revolve around 12 themes, one for each month of the year. A major milestone was selected to represent each theme. 

The themes and corresponding milestones are presented below:

  • Free Culture (January): 20 years of Wikipedia and Creative Commons;
  • Open Source (February): Open Source Initiative was founded;
  • Open Business (March): Red Hat celebrates its Anniversary;
  • Open Government (April): 15 years of the Sunlight Foundation (legacy);
  • Open Knowledge (May): 25 years of the Internet Archive and 20 years of the Wayback Machine;
  • Open Hardware (June): Open Source Hardware Association was established;
  • Open Education (July): Open Educational Resources was presented;
  • Open Web (August): 30 years of the first website and public announcement of the WWW;
  • Linux (September): 30 years of Linux, initial release (version 0.0.1);
  • Free Software (October): Free Software Foundation was founded;
  • Open Access (November): 35 years of Aaron Swartz (in memory of);
  • Open Data (December): Open public data was defined.

Each month will focus on an anniversary specific theme, the open source community is encouraged to participate in the activities.

Linux Professional Institute is thrilled to be supporting the Linux Anniversary taking place in the month of September and will also be sharing information and activities on a monthly basis based on the monthly themes as well. CLPI specific content will be generated from LPI partners, members and the overall community.

We look forward to the year ahead! You can find the activities that are taking place on Open Anniversary. LPI specific activities are listed below;

January: Free Culture

February: Open Source

March: Open Business

April: Open Government


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About Kaitlin Edwards:

Kaitlin Edwards

Kaitlin Edwards is the Manager of Community Events at Linux Professional Institute and relatively new to the exciting and growing open source world. Kaitlin has been working in the events field for over 10 years now and has the skills to build connections by bringing the right people together. These abilities are what makes the events space the most exciting, challenging and rewarding.