The LPI community elects three members to its Board of Directors

The LPI community elects three members to its Board of Directors

July 14, 2022 - by Evan Leibovitch

All of us at Linux Professional Institute (LPI) want to congratulate our new Directors, elected at LPI’s Annual General Meeting held June 25 2022:

  • VM (Vicky) Brasseur - USA (re-elected)
  • Emmanuel Nguimbus – Cameroon
  • Ricardo Prudenciato - Brazil

The newly-elected Directors start their three-year terms July 26 at 13:30 UTC, as part of the 10-member Board. They were voted in at LPI’s Annual General Meeting, held virtually on June 25.

“I welcome the new Board members-elect, elected by the members of LPI,” said Board Chair Jon “maddog” Hall, “but I also wish to thank the two outgoing board members – Torsten Scheck and Bryan J. Smith – for their long-term active service on the Board. I hope that they will be active as Members of LPI after a well-deserved rest“.

All registered Members of LPI were eligible to vote. Anyone holding an LPI certification who would like to become a member is invited to visit

If you are interested in running for election for LPI’s Board of Directors, information will be posted on the LPI website in early 2023.

About Evan Leibovitch:

Evan Leibovitch

Evan is LPI Director of Community Relations and one of the organizations' co-founders. A longtime advocate of open computing and open source, he was ZDNet's first Linux-specific columnist and has participated in numerous conferences, nonprofits, policy initiatives and white papers. Before re-joining LPI in 2017 he worked for the United Nations refugee agency (UNHCR) working to bring Internet access and work opportunities to refugee centres in Egypt, Uganda and Kenya. He was co-founder and first president of the Canada Chapter of the Internet Society, and first Chair of the the North American At-Large advisory body of ICANN. He is based in Toronto, Canada.