What Matters in Open Source Business?

LPI is developing a new certification that will cover business and legal aspects of open source software. The certification will focus on non-technical aspects such as licensing, business models and community management. To ensure the relevance and accuracy of the new program, LPI relies on community consultations and expert feedback.

In the current stage of development, LPI invites you to join the Job Task Analysis, JTA. In the JTA, you will be tasked in reviewing potential topics and objectives of the new certification. We want you to rate the relevance of each objective for a professional working in the field of open source. In case feel something is missing in the objectives, you can add additional topics. Future participants will also be asked to rate these suggestions. LPI will remind you by email to come back and check the JTA in a few weeks to review what others added. Altogether, the votes in the JTA will define the content and the weights of the certification curriculum.

How to join the JTA:

  1. You will need an LPI ID. If you don’t have an LPI ID yet, please create one on LPI’s website. It’s free.
  2. Review the following description of the ‘Minimally Qualified Candidate’, MQC:
    The candidate is engaged in the professional use or creation of open source software or open materials. This includes an understanding of the processes used to develop software and materials, including development models, quality assurance, team organization and release management. The credential holder understands the conditions, rights, obligations and implications of the major open source licenses, is able to choose or advice an appropriate license to release open source software or contents, and can help organizations and others to ensure compliance with such licenses. Additionally, the candidate can advise others on how open source licenses and software can impact business models and affect or influence marketing and communications. The candidate understands how open source communities function as well as how to develop and maintain a community.
  3. Log in to the JTA portal using your LPI ID. You will be presented a series of topics. For each topic, you should rate of how often the minimally qualified candidate, as described above, performs specific tasks related to this topic and how important these tasks are. At the end of the JTA, you can suggest additional topics.
  4. You can log back into the JTA until TODO. If other participants added additional topics, you will also be able to rate those items. Depending on the number of added topics LPI receives,  you may be invited, by email, to review the JTA in a couple of weeks.

Questions or Feedback

If you want to share additional feedback, or if you would like to help in the further steps of the certification development, please reach out to LPI’s Director of Certification Development, Fabian Thorns.