Linux Professional Institute (LPI) Board Nomination Committee


Finding high quality and engaged board members is difficult. This committee is tasked by the board to help find and nurture future board nominees.

Scope, Mandate and Activities

Find and prepare new candidates for board participation.

Committee Representation and Stakeholders

Purpose of the Committee

The Nomination Committee serves to seek and select qualified candidates for our annual Board of Directors Election. Its focus is to select candidates for LPI’s Board of Directors that represents a wide range of views and interests, meeting the organization’s needs in following its mission and overseeing its management.

NOTE: the Nomination Committee does not directly choose who will become part of the Board of Directors. It creates a slate of candidates from which Directors are elected by LPI Members.

As a member of the Nomination Committee you will:

  • Help identify and solicit candidates who support LPI’s mission and offer expertise and experience that can help advance it.
  • Work with the Board to develop a list of skills, experience and demographic criteria for Directors.
  • Identify, interview, and check references of prospective candidates.
  • Produce a slate of candidates from which LPI Members will elect Directors.

Members of the Committee will be expected to:

  • Commit up to five days for candidate review and selection.
  • Participate in a two-day virtual meeting to finalize recommendations.