Linux Professional Institute 2021 Board Election results

The Linux Professional Institute (LPI) announces the first Board of Directors elected directly by its membership.

In alphabetical order they are:

  • VM (Vicky) Brasseur - USA
  • Duffy Fron – USA (current)
  • Dorothy Gordon – Ghana (current)
  • Jon "maddog" Hall – USA (current)
  • Klaus Knopper - Germany
  • Mark Phillips - USA
  • Uirá Ribeiro - Brazil
  • Torsten Scheck – Germany (current)
  • Bryan J Smith – USA (current)
  • Thiago Sobral – Brazil


This result allows a continuity between the current board with an expansion of five new members.

Even Leibovitch, an outgoing Board Member, decided not to run, instead lending his considerable knowledge and talent directly to LPI as a member of staff.

Each year elections for approximately one-third of the board seats will allow for continuity while reaching out for potentially new candidates who have the talents needed by the Board.

Below you will see an interpretation of the voting results used by LPI put together by Evan Leibovitch (Outgoing Board Member and Chairman of the Governance Committee), as well as the raw numbers from the system itself
The exact results will be used to allow the board members (both current and new) to choose an initial term of three, two or one year.


Rank Name Reason
1 Jon A. Hall Top Votes Round 1
2 Klaus Knopper Elected Round 1 (Tied with Uira), more votes in round 2
3 Uirá Ribeiro Elected Round 1 (Tied with Klaus), fewer votes in round 2
4 Torsten Scheck Elected in Round 2 with most votes
5 Dorothy Gordon Elected in Round 2 with 2nd most votes
6 VM (Vicky) Brasseur Elected in Round 2 with 3rd most votes
7 Bryan J. Smith Elected in Round 3
8 Mark Phillips Elected in Round 7
9 Thiago Sebral Elected in Round 10
10 Christopher “Duffy” Fron Elected in Round 11


Click here to view the raw numbers from the system.