We kindly ask that the Linux Professional Institute’s logos be used in accordance with the following:

  • The LPI logo and words “Linux Professional Institute” are trademarks of the Linux Professional Institute, Inc.
  • For use of any LPI logos in association with a commercial offering, please contact LPI Marketing for permission.
  • Use of any LPI certificate or certification logos by anyone not actively holding that certification status is strictly prohibited.
  • Please direct all logo and file inquires to LPI Marketing.


For Certification Holders

Active certification holders may use the logo for the certifications that they hold for personal and professional use such as on business cards, online or offline resumes/CV. It cannot be used to promoted services or products in a commercial setting. That's what the partner programs are for.


LPI Logos


LinkedIn Badges

LinkedIn requires users to manually add certifications to their profiles. We recommend following the steps below to add your LPI certification to your LinkedIn profile.

  1. Click the following button and then enter the information below in the LinkedIn pop-up box     LinkedIn Add to Profile button
  2. Certification name: Enter the appropriate certification from the list below:
    • Linux Essentials
    • BSD Specialist
    • DevOps Tools Engineer
    • LPIC-1: Linux Administrator
    • LPIC-2: Linux Engineer
    • LPIC-3 300: Linux Enterprise Professional - Mixed Environment
    • LPIC-3 303: Linux Enterprise Professional - Security
    • LPIC-3 304: Linux Enterprise Professional - Virtualization & High Availability

  3. Certification authority: Linux Professional Institute
  4. License number: Your certification's verification code, found on your lpi.org account
  5. From/To: Your date of certification and your certificate's inactive date
  6. Certification URL: Your certification's verification URL; this URL can be found on your printed certificate and will contain both your LPI ID and verification code


LPI Colour Palette