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What is the Linux Professional Institute (LPI) Channel Partner Program?

Linux Professional Institute’s Channel Partner Program was created for organizations with their own communities and partner groups. A channel partner is a company or incorporated organization which helps LPI to find and, optionally, maintain other partners for the AAP/ATP/Hiring/Sponsor/etc programs as part of their regular business activities.

In a sense, the Channel Partner Program borrows its concept from the IT market traditional distribution channel business, with value added distributors and resellers, where the Channel Partner can be compared to a Value Added Distributor, which can sign up many resellers to a technology vendor (normally a software or solution provider). The main difference here is that instead of signing up resellers, LPI Channel Partners simply sign up — and, optionally, service — other partner types on behalf of LPI.

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Major Channel Partner Program Benefits

  • Opportunity/deal registration
  • Registered opportunity means a Named Account which a Channel Partner identifies and creates an opportunity for.
  • Access to LPI partnership development staff to support development of your channel. 
  • Use of the LPI logo, LPI certification and other program brands
  • Discount on direct exam sales (retail price)
  • Override discount (read: commission) on partners' exam sales (10%) signed up through the Channel Partner
  • Access to a joint marketing fund
  • Opportunity for cooperative participation and promotions at LPI events

Ideal Partners

  • Organization with their own communities, educational networks and partner groups
  • Head offices of organizations with multiple independent or semi-independent subsidiaries
  • Companies willing to find and maintain other LPI partners (from all other LPI Partner Programs but the Channel Partner Program itself — we can’t have nested or stacked Channel Partners)