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Announcing the development of our newest professional certification, LPIC-OT DevOps Engineer

DevOps is one of the most in-demand skills in open source today. In order to meet the demand with verified skills, LPI is developing the LPI Open Technology DevOps Engineer certification.

The certification will be released in autumn 2017 and will test proficiency in the most relevant free and open sources tools used to implement the DevOps collaboration model, like, for example, automated configuration or container virtualization.

As more and more companies introduce DevOps methodology to their workflows, skills in using tools supporting the collaboration model of DevOps become increasingly important. Focussing on the most relevant DevOps tools, LPIC-OT DevOps Engineers will be able to implement a DevOps workflow and to optimize their daily administration and development tasks. Being the largest certification body in the field of Linux system administration, LPI adds DevOps as an additional competency to the skill portfolio of IT professionals.

The development of the exam will be accompanied by a series of blog postings which discuss the ongoing exam development process as well as DevOps topics related to the exam.

The new certification is created according to LPI‘s community-based certification development process. This process relies heavily on involvement by the IT community. To determine the relevance of potential exam content, LPI launched a Job Task Analysis (JTA). The online survey is the foundation of the new certification’s objectives and ensures the exam reflects exactly the skills required in the industry.

Participation in the JTA is open to anyone working in the open source and DevOps communities. To participate in the JTA, an LPI ID is required. LPI candidates need only login with their ID, and anyone may create an LPI ID for free at lpi.org/register. With your LPI ID in hand, the JTA can be accessed at lpi.org/jta.


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48% respondents rate DevOps as an important skill in the workplace.LPI Certification Survey, 2016

1,485% growth in jobs mentioning DevOps over the last 4 yearsIndeed.com Trend Analyzer

58% of Hiring Managers agree that DevOps is important, describing it as “among the most sought after skills in the industry".The Linux Foundation Open Source Jobs Report, 2016

Top Three Frequently Asked Questions

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When will the LPIC-OT DevOps Engineer certification be available?

The new certification will be available in autumn 2017.

How can I prepare for the LPIC-OT DevOps Engineer certification?

The objectives of the new certification will be finalized in the beginning of 2017. Following the release of the objectives, LPI will publish a series of blog postings introducing the exam topics and point to relevant documentation.

Will there be beta exams for the LPIC-OT DevOps Engineer certification?

Beta exams are an important part of LPI’s quality assurance and will be available for LPIC-OT DevOps Engineer. The exact times and places of beta exams will be announced in spring 2017.