EmpleaTech ’24: LPI Joins Spain’s Premier Junior Tech Talent Event

EmpleaTech 2024: LPI Joins Spain's Premier Junior Tech Talent Event

January 24 (Barcelona);  January 31 (Madrid), 2024

Join LPI at EmpleaTech 2024, Spain’s leading event for junior tech talent, happening in Barcelona (Jan 24) and Madrid (Jan 31). This unique gathering connects IT educators from over 120 institutions with the next generation of tech professionals. LPI will showcase the integration of Linux and open source certification in academic curricula, enhancing students’ employability. Network with tech companies and learn about LPI’s partnership programs!

Event Details

  • Barcelona: January 24, 2024, at IQS, Via Augusta, 390, Sarrià-Sant Gervasi
  • Madrid: January 31, 2024, at LA NAVE, C/ Cifuentes 5
  • Website: EmpleaTech

LPI EmpleaTech 2024

  • Academic networking with IT teachers
  • Presenting curriculum integration with Linux and open source certifications
  • B2B partnership opportunities and showcase of the project with Fundae
  • Visit us at our booth!


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