Linux Essentials Day at the Chemnitz Linux Days

March 13 – 14, 2021

“Just do it ! differently” is the motto of the German Chemnitz Linux Days (CLT), which will take place virtually on March 13 – 14, 2021. Linux Professional Institute (LPI) Central Europe is taking this motto to heart and is excited to break new ground at the CLT. For the first time, discounted online exams will be offered at the virtual booth and the Linux Essentials Day will celebrate its premiere. There will also be an online quiz with great prizes!

Linux Essentials Day

Join us for a workshop series, on March 13th, dedicated to Linux and open source beginners. LPI has recruited a number of experts to share their knowledge and personal experiences from their day-to-day work and training. From 10 am – 3 pm, they will go through the five learning topics of LPI’s Linux Essentials exam in an entertaining and comprehensible way, bringing them to life with real-world examples.

Topic 1: The Linux Community and a Career in Open Source

We can use free and open source software such as Linux or Firefox without having to worry about third-party companies and usage rights. We are even allowed to explore, modify and redistribute them. But why does this work at all and why is this not only important for us users, but also for our society? Look forward to a tour through the turbulent history of Linux and Open Source with Mark Swillus, a GNU/Linux and Free Software enthusiast for about ten years, and to suggestions on how you can become part of the community yourself. The workshop will begin at 10 am.

Topic 2: Finding Your Way on a Linux System

Dirk Streubel, Linux consultant and trainer at B1 Systems GmbH, will introduce the basics of the command line and how to use the help system. Furthermore he will teach the basics of directories and files and how to create, move and delete them. Who likes, can participate parallel in the Bash. The workshop will begin at 10:45 am.

Topic 3: The Power of the Command Line

The command line is powerful and so is the knowledge of Michael Gisbers,, and Kai Schell, LPI Central Europe. Michael and Kai show the participants how to archive files and directories on Linux based systems with simple commands. They discuss why it makes little sense to use the commands known from other operating systems. Participants who want to actively participate should have an installed Linux distribution ready on which the commands ‘tar’, ‘gzip’, ‘gunzip’, ‘zip’ and ‘unzip’ are available. The workshop will begin at 11:30 am.

Topic 4: The Linux Operating System

Harald Maaßen, IT lecturer and author of the books LPIC-1 and LPIC-2 to prepare for the LPI certification exams, will outline the choices of Linux operating systems, give an understanding of computer hardware, and explain where data can be stored. The computer in the network will also be a topic. If you want to participate, you can do so with a computer with any Linux distribution. The workshop will begin at 1 pm.

Topic 5: Security and File Permissions

Linux is considered a very secure operating system, which is mainly due to the UNIX security concept. In the workshop, Franz Knipp, professor at the University of Applied Sciences Burgenland, will go into how users and their rights are managed in Linux, answering questions such as: Which users are currently logged in? When was a user last logged in? How can I create new users? How can I restrict and allow access to my files and directories? The event starts at 2 pm

Linux Essentials Workshop Program Overview 

An overview of the learning fields and objectives can be found here: 

Take advantage of our discounted exams

For years, Linux Professional Institute has offered its paper exams at the Chemnitz Linux Days at a reduced price. We want to continue this tradition, virtually . If you stop by the LPI booth at the Chemnitzer Linux-Tage, you can secure your exam participation at a great rate!

Great prizes participating in the LPI quiz!

Following the Linux Essentials Day workshops, the Linux Professional Institute Quiz is on the agenda with an opportunity to walk away with some great prizes! Thomas-Krenn is providing a low energy system “LES Cube” including 16 GB RAM and 480 GB SSD worth over 700 euros. There will also be plush Tux and books from the Rheinwerk publishing house to win. More information will follow. 

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