LPI is Thrilled to Support Campus Party Digital 2020

July 9 – 11, 2020

Linux Professional Institute (LPI) invites you to connect, virtually, with them at Campus Party Digital to hear from a number of LPI partners and main stage presenters! LPI is excited to support and collaborate with Campus Party this year and many more.

The Virtual Experience

An entirely DIGITAL edition and simultaneously in more than 30 countries worldwide. 3 days 24h of live and on demand experiences, with national and international speakers. A global Job Factory and a Call For Ideas with the aim of connecting young innovators from all over the world to rewrite the source code of the planet together. Register to participate and stay updated on all the news of Campus Party Digital Edition.

Stay tuned for more informaiton!

***Please note, due to some technical issues, please search by talk title to find speaker information throughout the CP site.

We are excited to represent open source with a number of presentations from our Board to dedicated partners. 

Thursday, July 9 

  • Xiomara Céspedes, University of Costa Rica, Migrating to Open Source  (ES=Migrando al Open Source) 1500-1530 GMT-5

Friday, July 10 

  • Fabian Ampalio, Carrera Linux Argentina, Equalizing the terrain with Open Source (ES = Igualando el terreno con el Open Source) 1500-1530 GMT-5
  • Cesar Brod,Linux Professional Institute, The magical world of Free technologies (ES=El mundo mágico de las tecnologías libres) Primetime 2100-2130 GMT-5

Saturday, July 11

  • Jon “maddog” Hall, Linux Professional Institute, The use of Open Source in Starting your own Company 12:30 GMT-5
  • Yenisey Espinel, SysAdmins de Cuba, Women in technology (ES=Las mujeres en la tecnología) 1530 – 1600 GMT-5

All talks will be recorded and available post conference.

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