Open Source Journeys: In Conversation With Terry Hancock

June 17, 2019 - by Marcel Gagné

Marcel hangs out and chats with people who have been captured by the spirit and promise of Linux and Open Source software. Open Source is part philosophy, part technology, and part ideology. That's a powerful combination that sparks the imagination in different ways for different people. Today's guest today is Terry Hancock. Terry is a fascinating guy whose love of science, technology, and all things Open Source, has led him into some interesting territory that involves the colonization of the moon. Terry is has been, among other things, a professional astronomer, a regular columnist for "Free Software Magazine", the owner and technology officer for Anansi Spaceworks, an editor for "Question Copyright", and a driving force behind the in-production animated series, "Lunatics!" which, as I teased, deals with the colonization of the moon, including the first family of settlers.

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