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The Linux Professional Institute (LPI) is well-known as an exam provider in the field of Linux and open source tools, where it offers certifications for the entire spectrum from beginners to specialists and experts. But just as Linux has penetrated more and more areas in recent years, new options open up for an introductory certificate. These certificates can be displayed with your credentials once they are earned, and never have to be renewed.

Linux Essentials

The most known Essentials certificate is undoubtedly the one for Linux. In addition to the exam itself, LPI offers extensive materials free of charge to prepare for the exam. The materials are didactically well-structured. Each lesson concludes with practical exercises that deepen the understanding of the content. Passing the exam proves that the certified person is well-versed in a Linux system and can use the tools presented.

The Learning Materials have been translated into many languages, permitting Linux Essentials to be integrated into university and vocational school courses in computer science and software engineering worldwide. The materials form a good basis for further education and provide the tools for students to work independently with Linux systems.

The world of computer science is very broad, with only a part dealing with Linux at a higher level. There are many other areas whose fundamentals are essential for understanding modern IT systems. Knowledge of these fundamentals can determine the success or failure of projects or be an essential driver for personal careers.

Security Essentials

Nowadays, most applications are distributed as online services in a client-server architecture and are operated in a cloud infrastructure. Data is constantly being exchanged, whether via downloads or email attachments. Data protection has also gained in importance and has entered the concerns of users. IT security has thus become an important topic, and LPI Security Essentials summarizes the users’ view of the topic in a vendor-independent certification that covers not only theoretical but also practical aspects.

Web Development Essentials

Many applications are now based on web technologies, be it an online store, a social media platform, or online banking. To fully understand a web application, you need knowledge of the languages spoken by the browser, an understanding of the functions of a web server, and, last but not least, the databases used. The LPI Web Development Essentials certificate provides an overview, covering each of these parts and their practical use.

As this summary shows, along with Linux basics, you have many opportunities to prove your knowledge and competences by means of an Essentials certificate through LPI, be it in a professional or university environment. You can find more detailed information about them on the website and on learning.lpi.org.

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About Franz Knipp:

Franz Knipp's first contact with Linux was during his studies at the Vienna University of Technology. Since then, he has been using Linux on the desktop, on servers and on a fleet of more than 400 Raspberry Pis distributed at fire stations all over Germany and Austria. In addition to his software development role, he has designed, installed and administered open source email systems for several 100,000 mailboxes at several European ISPs. Since 2015, he has been passing on his Linux knowledge to students at the University of Applied Sciences Burgenland, where he has been integrating Linux Essentials into the curriculum and guiding students to the certification exam as the head of the Software Engineering and Connected Systems program since 2020. His mission is to spark enthusiasm for IT and programming in young people and adults.

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