SCaLE ’24 Between Open Source & Innovation

SCaLE '24 Between Open Source & Innovation

From March 14-17, the Pasadena Convention Center buzzed with the energy of SCaLE 21x – the premier open-source event in North America. Drawing over 3000 enthusiasts, developers, and professionals, SCaLE provided a platform for sharing, learning, and collaboration within the vibrant open-source community.

Celebrating Open Source

At its core, SCaLE 21x ’24 was a celebration of open-source technologies and the community driving their advancement. From insightful presentations to hands-on workshops, attendees immersed themselves in discussions on the latest trends, innovations, and challenges shaping the open-source landscape.

LPI Engagement

Linux Professional Institute (LPI) was proud to be a part of SCaLE 21x, reaffirming its commitment to promoting Linux and open-source education. SCaLE 21x boasted a lineup of distinguished speakers, including Jon “maddog” Hall, Chairman of the LPI Board of Directors. With his unparalleled expertise and insights, maddog captivated audiences with two compelling presentations: “How Is Linux Like a Player Piano?” and “Project Caua: Students Creating Their Own Businesses.”

Reflections from Jon “maddog” Hall

Reflecting on his experience at SCaLE 21x, maddog remarked: “SCALE is a great conference. It stresses Open Source and attracts end users, developers and software distributions to attend both the vendor exhibits and the many talks. I not only got to see some old friends from the Linux community, but also from the Unix community, such as Darrell Straus who first used Linux/Alpha systems to do the CGI rendering for the movie “Titanic” and Bill Cheswick, who was active with DECUS, USENIX and Bell Labs (and who gave the final keynote talk this year).

I also got a chance to have an interview with the LA Chapter of Linuxchix and an interview about my path with Open Source which extends back in time to 1969: All, in all, a great time.”

Looking Ahead

As SCaLE 21x ’24 concluded, it left behind a legacy of inspiration, collaboration, and forward momentum. The event served as a testament to the power of community-driven initiatives in advancing open-source technologies. As we look to the future, let us carry forward the spirit of innovation and collaboration nurtured at SCaLE 21x, paving the way for a more vibrant and inclusive open-source ecosystem.

About Harrison Amit:

Harrison Amit serves as the partnership coordinator for North America, where he channels his enthusiasm for the pivotal role of open source in business. With a keen eye for collaboration and innovation, Harrison navigates the dynamic landscape of open-source partnerships, fostering connections that drive growth and advancement in the industry.

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