Member Engagement Committee

Intended Participants: Formal members of Linux Professional Institute

Status: Seeking new members

Mission and Vision

There are hundreds of thousands of Linux Professional Institute certification holders and as many potential members of the organization.  Determining how to keep members engaged, how LPI and other parts of the community engage with our members, and creating programs that are of interest to our members is crucial.

Scope, Mandate and Activities

At a global level, advise on programs that are meritorious and crucial to a career in open source and of benefit to the open source community at large.

Committee Representation and Stakeholders

Committee Membership Criteria

Formal members of Linux Professional Institute

Committee Executive

All positions are voluntary, have 2 year terms, and are selected through an election process by the members of the committee:

  • Sponsor (TBD, Governance Chair, LPI and G Matthew Rice, Executive Director, Canada)
  • Chair (TBD)
    • Schedule, host and lead meetings
    • Lead draft of reports, committee budgets and recommendations to LPI and ED
  • Secretary (chosen from committee members)
    • Organize and track action items of members
  • Immediate Past Chair
    • Facilitate continuity as new committee executives are elected