Vote for the Board of Directors

LPI Members to vote for the Board of Directors

Prior to the Annual General Meeting (AGM) Members of the Linux Professional Institute (LPI) will be given the opportunity to exercise their right to choose the leadership of LPI. Each year Members will vote on their Board of Director candidates of choice. The results of this election will be announced at the AGM.

On the opening day of the election, Members will receive their individual ballot in their email. All votes are anonymous. Members can vote in the election as many times as they want (should they choose to change the ranking of their selected candidates) however only the final ballot will be counted for the election.


The voting process

Here is a video demonstrating the voting process. All names in the video are fictitious and are not actual candidates.

Click here if you're have trouble streaming the video above

All candidates will be ranked by the voters using the Single Transferable Vote method. The highest ranking candidates that remain after the elimination rounds will be elected to the open seats on the Board.

Proxy voting

If you cannot attend the meeting but would like your vote for resolutions made at the June 26th AGM to count, you have the right to assign your vote you can check out the proxy information on our  in one of two ways:

  • Assign your vote to the Board Chair by proxy
  • Assign your vote to another person by proxy

Note that this proxy can only be used for resolutions made at the June 26 AGM. It cannot be used for the election of Directors; each voter has already received their ballot for the Board election, and that ballot is not transferable. 

To assign your vote to someone else, please fill out this form, sign and scan or photograph it back to If not assigned to the Board Chair, the holder of your proxy is entitled to vote and speak at the meeting as a member provided that they attend the meeting.

You may also revoke your proxy any time before the AGM by emailing to a photo or scan of a signed statement making such a request. If you submit more than one proxy form, only the last one will be valid.

We look forward to seeing you at the AGM!

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