How Elections Work

The Board of Directors

Elected by members for 3 year terms

13 board members5

Consists of

Up to 10 Nomination Committee-nominated directors and up to 3 Member-nominated directors.

Responsible for

Strategic Direction and Oversight

Developing and Implementing Policy

Supporting the Global Open Source Community

Enhancing Employment and Business Opportunities

Attending Scheduled LPI Board Meetings

Approving LPI’s Corporate Plan and Annual Budget

Members vote on TWO slates of candidates on one ballot


Nomination Committee Slate​


Member Nominated Slate​








  •  Hard skills (accounting, legal, HR, etc.)

  •  Diversity

  •  Non-profit governance experience


  • Any member who gets 5 member endorsements



How it Works


How it Works



  • Anyone can apply

  • Nomination Committee evaluates applications

  • Successful applicants are placed on ballot

  • Up to three applicants can be placed on the the ballot from the Nomination committee slate


  • Only members are eligible

  • Any member can self-nominate and fill out an application

  • LPI staff shares submitted platforms with entire membership for review

  • Automatically put on ballot with 5 member endorsements

  • No limit on how many member nominated candidates can go on the ballot



° Candidate biographies and platforms are shared on and

° Electronic voting period lasts approximately one month, ending at the AGM.