Getting started

Linux Professional Institute (LPI) exams are delivered as a computer-based exam, around the world in thousands of secure Pearson VUE testing centers. All the steps for taking exams to earn your LPI certification are outlined below.

Sometimes, LPI exams are delivered onsite at Linux and open source events. In those instances, the exams are delivered as a paper test. The requirements for participating in this type of testing event is listed by the organization or event hosting the exam and may vary from the steps below.

Step 1:

Discover which certification is the best for you

LPI is committed to providing the IT community with exams of the highest quality, relevance, and accuracy. This commitment requires that our exam development process is highly detailed, participatory, consultative and employs many of the proven techniques used by most other IT certification programs.

Step 2:

Discover the exam objectives

At LPI we take the guess work out of what’s on the exam. Our exam objectives show you what topics you can expect to find on the exams as well as the relative importance of those topics. No matter which study resources you choose to prepare for your LPI exams, reviewing the individual exam objectives should be at the core of any study plan.


Step 3:

Prepare for your exam

The process of preparing for LPI exams is really an individual choice. Some people may find by simply looking at the exam objectives and studying on their own (using man pages, HOWTOs, etc.), they may feel confident they can take the exam. Other people may want to read books, take web-based or computer-based training, or actually go through instructor-led classes offered by a training center.

We believe that the choice should be yours, and that you should not be pressured into taking one particular approach to exam preparation. That is why LPI has committed that it will never designate a mandatory set of LPI training materials. We are very proud of our support by many creators of training materials and believe in maximum choice for those seeking to take LPI exams.

Step 4:

Purchase voucher and schedule your exam

LPI offers professional certifications to help you validate your knowledge and skills in various aspects of the Linux operating system. The LPI program is distribution-neutral to allow you to demonstrate your flexibility working in a variety of Linux environments. Recognized around the world, LPI’s Linux certifications can help prove you have the skills necessary for your next job or promotion.