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Growth in the technology sector is driving huge

demand for open source IT skills and certified professionals.

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Certified technology professionals wanted

Today’s employers are seeking candidates with certified, professional

level IT skills in Linux and other open source technologies.

Get ready. Get certified with Linux Professional Institute.

Unlock your potential

With more than 175,000 certification holders, Linux Professional

Institute enables you to prove your open source knowledge and

skills and future-proof your career.

Get ready. Get certified with Linux Professional Institute.

Advance your career in open source

No. 1

54% of employers have unfilled positions due to lack of qualified candidates

No. 2

87% of employers say it's particularly hard to find open source talent

No. 3

96% of employers use IT certification as a hiring criteria

No. 4

20-33% average increase in bonus pay for LPI-certified candidates

No. 5

90% say IT certified individuals are more likely to be promoted

No. 6

44% of hiring managers are hiking up salaries for certified open source talent

Sources: The Foote Partners Report, ‘IT Skills and Certification Index’, 2014 | ITCC Whitepaper, ‘Trends That Will Affect the IT Certification Industry by 2020’, 2016 | CompTIA HR Report, ‘Perceptions of IT Training and Certification, 2015 | The Linux Foundation, ‘Open Source Jobs Report’, 2016.

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