Stichting Praktijkleren building in the Netherlands
November 25, 2019

ASC Praktijkleren: First Community Partner in the Netherlands

Linux Professional Institute (LPI) is pleased to welcome Academy Support Centre (ASC) Praktijkleren as a Community Partner in the Netherlands. The new partnership will help to make open source knowledge accessible to even more people in the Benelux region. ASC Praktijkleren supports academies in promoting up-do-date ICT-skills into education. 42 academies in over 70 locations are members of ASC Praktijkleren and it also has partners outside the vocational educational sector. 

"Before we joined Linux Professional Institute as Community Partners, we were already partners with LPI for our schools," says Hans Blankendaal, Account Manager of ASC Praktijkleren. "With the introduction of the new partner programs by the Linux Professional Institute, we believe that the Community Partner Program is the best way for us to work with LPI to spread open source knowledge and support students and teachers throughout the Netherlands.” “ASC Praktijkleren has been an important partner for many years,” says G. Matthew Rice, Executive Director of the Linux Professional Institute. Reiner Brandt, President of Linux Professional Institute Central Europe: "We are pleased about the continuation of the good partnership of the last years and thank Hans and his team for the very good support”. The new joint partnership will be a further step towards increasing the number of people in the Netherlands qualified for a career in open source. 

Hans Blankendaal, Account Manager of ASC PraktijklerenThe mission of ASC Praktijkleren is to prepare students and teachers in secondary, vocational, and higher education, for their professional future. This is why ASC Praktijkleren supports their training with resources and services. First and foremost, the Academy Support Centre brings teachers in contact with providers of relevant, up-to-date ICT training, so that students are trained with the right certifications for professional practice. In addition, ASC strives to expand the ICT training offer, translate teaching material, provide teacher trainings, and promote collaboration between the various parties.

About ASC Praktijkleren
ASC Praktijkleren is part of Stichting Praktijkleren. The foundation came into being in 2006 on the initiative of a number of regional training centres. In collaboration with teachers, it develops examination products and vocational learning materials for nine course sectors in vocational education belonging to Economic-administrative, Security, ICT, and Commerce. Furthermore schools can turn to Stichting Praktijkleren for training and advice. All regional training centres are a member of the foundation. Since August 2018, the activities of the former Netherlands academy Support Centre (NASC) have been transferred to Stichting Praktijkleren and are being continued as ASC Partkijkleren.

About the Linux Professional Institute
Linux Professional Institute (LPI) is the global organization for certification standards and career support for open source professionals. With more than 175,000 certification holders, it is the world's first and largest Linux and open source certification authority. LPI has certified professionals in more than 180 countries, delivering exams in multiple languages, ​​and has hundreds of training partners.