IT-Schulungen becomes a Linux Professional Institute Platinum Partner: a decade of educational success

The Nürnberg Education Center, IT-Schulungen, celebrates a twofold achievement this month. First, March 2022 marks ten years of offering a complete set of courses for Linux Professional Institute (LPI) certification. At the same time, IT-Schulungen has reached the highest stage of excellence in LPI’s partnership program by becoming a platinum partner.

IT-Schulungen has taken a vendor-neutral approach to technical education since it started 15 years ago. That orientation clearly called on the center to offer a broad palette of courses in open source, ranging from content management systems (CMS) to complex topics in big data (Hadoop, Apache Spark, etc.). The center’s focus on skills required in the marketplace led it early on to seek out a collaboration with LPI, which sets the standard globally for certifications in open source.

LPI’s goals go far beyond offering certifications: Their mission involves support for open source software and the professionals who program and administer it everywhere. With more than 200,000 active certification holders, LPI is the pre-eminent certification provider for Linux and open source. LPI works with training partners like IT-Schulungen in more than one hundred countries. is located in Nuremberg in the south of Germany. is located in Nuremberg in the south of Germany.

“It gratifies us greatly at the Linux Professional Institute for IT-Schulungen to join LPI in a closer partnership to build greater collaboration possibilities on Linux and on free and open source software (FOSS). With this agreement, IT-Schulungen supports not only LPI’s own mission, but the greater professionalization of IT staff in FOSS and the wider career opportunities in these fields,” said Rafael Peregrino da Silva, LPI Director of Partnerships.

“IT-Schulungen sought excellence very early in our long collaboration with the Linux Professional Institute. We have been able to offer hundreds of LPI courses and certifications in Germany during these past ten years,” said IT-Schulungen CEO Atasoy Altinci. “We direct our focus and efforts toward top quality when expanding knowledge of open source in our courses. LPI is an outstanding partner, and our highly successful collaboration has led to LPI awarding us the highest level of partnership.”

“IT-Schulung has emphasized the study of open source software from the start. Early in our history, we based programs on the fields of big data, business intelligence (BI), and data science. The digital transformation of business and its processes continually erodes the boundaries between IT and management. Management determines technology, while technology determines management. These developments also bring open source software into the center of the enterprise,” said Reiner Brandt, CEO of Open Source Certification GmbH and one of LPI’s leading channel partners in Central Europe. “IT-Schulungen offered an exemplary, innovative collection of courses early in its existence. Its LPI partnership was not simply following the development of the digital market but represented a collaboration of equals.”

IT-Schulung has also optimized and digitized its own processes, such as offering digitized, secure badges and course certificates to its students, and digital LPI certificates to its graduates.

About ITS/NE

Under the IT-Schulungen, for more than 15 years, New Elements GmbH of Nürnberg has operated one of the largest education centers in Germany. The education center is located in the legendary Bell Laboratories building in Alcatel-Lucent in the Nürnberger Northeast Park. Companies and individuals make more than 8,000 applications for training each year and are handled by about 20 advisory and management staff.

IT-Schulungen’s range of courses is wide, including some of the earliest courses in big daat analysis, business intelligence, and machine learning. Topics such as digital transformation and cultural sensitivity broaden the organization’s portfolio. Its training partnerships involve international institutions, including LPI, the Linux Foundation, the EC Council, and CompTIA, along with major corporations such as Microsoft and Alibaba Cloud.

More than 500 approved, certified coaches teach IT-Schulungen’s broad portfolio of professional topics. New Elements, along with the Qualiero virtual academy, has developed an innovative platform for social learning, organizational knowledge transfer, and managed training services.

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