Employability Program - FAQs

Yes. They should check with their CSM to confirm eligibility. In general, if there is no possibility to build their accounts as per Program Guidelines, LPI will disburse the support directly to Partner.

The tuition support payment is up to the cost of the exams, the tuition support is between 0 and 100% of the exam costs.

Partner receives tuition support equivalent up to the full cost of LPI exams at their location for each course delivered to an eligible Program Candidate. That amount should be calculated per formula:

(number of candidates) X (local price of exam) X (number of exams for the certification)

The Training partner in Zimbabwe has two training sessions – one for LPIC-1 and one for DevOps Tools Engineer.
She has 2 available spots on LPIC-1 training and 4 available spots for DevOps Tools Engineer training. Price of professional exams in that region is 120 USD (African region, band 1).

Training Partner will list the following amount in the application –

  • for LPIC-1 training: 2X120X2=480 USD
  • for DevOps Tools Engineer training: 4X120=480 USD.

The overall requested amount will be 960 USD.
The approved and awarded amount can be up to 960 USD.

There is currently no limit in the number of applications per Partner, or per country or region or number of candidates involved in certain parts of the world. Depending on the demand for the funding, LPI might have to adjust terms of the Program.

Applicants in this Program are LPI Partners in good standing and they can receive the tuition support per each seat they assign to candidates in need and that is approved by the Employability Program Working Group. They will also receive the vouchers that they will distribute to candidates.

However, Partners will have following benefits:

  • Partners are able to improve the employability of people in their community
  • Partners will lower barriers to career-based education in their community
  • Partners will have co-promotion of the their participation
  • Partners will improve the talent pool which may attract employers
  • Partners will take advantage and make better use of the empty seats in their classes and improve the usage capacity of their training.

Basic eligibility criteria:

  • Be Partner in good standing
  • Be provider of the listed services (training provider for Linux and open source courses that mainly target the LPI certifications)

Selection criteria for Partners:

  • Training tailored to LPI certifications in place
  • Close collaboration with the LPI Hiring Partners or the hiring managers, and who will be able to assist candidates in job search
  • Long term training practice
  • Experience in similar Programs (administered by governmental or non-governmental organizations, industry groups, or other sources)

No. Hiring candidates and making them hireable is the objective of the Employability Program, and therefore highly desirable in the Program. Partners whose applications can demonstrate that plan will be rewarded with higher number of points in decision making.

No. It is the general recommendation from LPI not to involve the owners, staff or contractors of LPI or its Partners, or people who are immediately related to them.

The selection of candidates should be a transparent process  and involving relatives can challenge it.

The selection of candidates is the sole responsibility of the Partner and LPI will not interfere there. LPI gave the guidelines for selecting candidates. The Partner should be able to prioritize candidates and select the number of candidates who can participate in the Program for who they’ll get the tuition support.

No. LPI will collect information about the success of the Program and send the survey to Partner and candidates 3 months after the training, and one year after the training. These surveys will not involve questions about race, gender or disability. Finally, it is up to candidates if they wish to share that information, but these questions will not come from LPI.