Exam Preparation

The process of preparing for LPI exams is really an individual choice. Some people may find that by simply looking at the exam objectives and studying on their own (using man pages, HOWTOs, etc.), they may feel confident they can take the exam. Other people may want to read books, take web-based or computer-based training, or actually go through instructor-led classes offered by a training center.

A definitive up-to-date list of exam preparation resources is available at our LPI Marketplace. Candidates seeking exam preparation resources that are current with our most recent exam objectives should consult the LPI Marketplace first.  However, free study resources are also available in the sections listed here.  Note, as some of this material may be dated exam candidates are advised to check these resources against our most recent exam objectives.

We believe that the choice should be yours, and that you should not be pressured into taking one particular approach to exam preparation. That is why LPI has committed that it will never designate an "official" set of LPI training materials. We are very proud of our support by many creators of training materials and believe in maximum choice for those seeking to take LPI exams.


LPI welcomes the publication of textbooks and other materials that might help candidates in exam preparation. The most recent and updated books can be found in the LPI Marketplace.

Free Study Resources

Many experienced Linux professionals prefer to prepare themselves for LPI exams through the use of online self-preparation materials. We include in this section some of these online resources we hear about from our alumni.

Training partners

In order to maintain its vendor-independence while encouraging a variety of sources of high-quality exam preparation, LPI has developed a number of partnership programs that help identify supporting groups and companies.