Linux Professional Institute Releases Web Development Essentials
March 30, 2022

Linux Professional Institute Releases Web Development Essentials

Linux Professional Institute (LPI) announces the availability of the Web Development Essentials program. The program provides an introduction to software development using web technologies. The program contains learning objectives, Learning Materials, an exam, and a certificate that is awarded upon passing the exam.

Web Development Essentials targets learners who are just getting started with software development. It is designed to be taught in a one-semester class or an equivalent course. The content of the program covers the fundamental concepts required to develop web-based applications. It includes HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Node.js, and SQL. All of these technologies are covered at a fundamental level. The program is designed to cover an appropriate amount of content at a depth where the learner can understand the basic principles of web development and use the respective technologies for simple projects. Taken together, the content of the program enables learners to implement a simple web application on their own.

“Web Development Essentials is intended to be an introduction into software development. It covers all the basic principles but provides enough content to achieve immediate success in building a simple application”, says Fabian Thorns, LPI’s Director of Product Development. “The combination of learning objectives, Learning Materials, an exam, and a certificate is a comprehensive package that equips both learners and teachers with everything they need to get started”, Thorns continues.

“LPI’s mission is to support anyone working with open technologies. Software development is an integral part of professional IT, and it is one of the most prominent areas of free technologies. With Web Development Essentials, we provide an entry to software development using an entirely open source stack that is available to anyone on any platform”, says Matthew Rice, Executive Director of LPI.

The learning objectives are available on the LPI website at The LPI website also provides more information about taking LPI exams. The Learning Materials are available for free at in five languages. The exam is initially released in English. Additional translations of both the Learning Materials and the exams will be released over the course of the year.

Teachers and trainers, as well as learners interested in Web Development Essentials, can contact LPI at for any further information.

Hello, Can you already tell when exam vouchers for the Web Development Essentials will be available? Thanks. Kind regards, Markus Kößler

This is a really cool cert to have available for learners! I wanted to purchase a voucher but for some reason it's not available on the lpi marketplace yet. Also, will there be more advanced web dev certs, similar to how the Linux certs are laid out?