Certification Development Committee

Intended Participants: Educators, Senior Professionals, Technical Managers

Status: open to new members (click link to join mailing list)

Mission and Vision

It takes the voice of many experts to create learning paths for newcomers.  This helps ensure the global appeal to the credentials at LPI and their value to our certification holders.

Scope, Mandate and Activities

At a global level, advise on certification programs that are meritorious and crucial to a career in open source and of benefit to the open source community at large.  Working groups will be formed with SMEs and other topic-specific experts.

Committee Representation and Stakeholders

Committee Membership Criteria

Committee membership is open to everyone.

Committee Executive

  • Sponsor: G Matthew Rice, Executive Director, Canada
  • Chair: Fabian Thorns, Director of Product Development, Germany
    • Schedule, host and lead meetings
    • Lead draft of reports, committee budgets and recommendations to LPI and ED
  • Secretary: Kenny Armstrong, Community Manager, USA
    • Organize and track action items of members
  • Members:

Working Group: Business and Open Source Management

This is a working group interested in the creation of education and certification topics involving open source management, business, law, community development and other related topics.  The working group discusses this topic here (https://discuss.lpi.org/c/cert-dev) and reports back to the Certification Development Committee mailing list.

Ideal working group member:

  • Professionals involved in the management of open source communities, projects, and products
  • Business managers in organizations engaged in and using open source
  • Legal professionals with open source experience

Current Focus:

  • Investigate and define education and credential programs that cover legal, business, and community topics specific to open source

How to Join: Send an email with an introduction about yourself to fthorns@lpi.org