Tune into the LPI and Sysvale Talk Show

June 3, 2020
1900 BRT

Missed the talkshow? Watch the recording.

If you’re not working within the IT world, you are certainly a heavy technology user, as you most likely carry more processing power in your pocket than one used to take people to the moon! Some of you may not be aware that technology can be as free and open as mathematical formulas or the concepts of philosophy. You are already using this kind of technology when you access the web or withdraw money from an automated teller. 

Considering we are now using a lot of free technology;

  • What are the business models associated with it? 
  • What kind of professionals are needed for this new world being unveiled in social distancing times? 
  • How prepared are we for a future that seems to be anticipated to our present?

Sysvale and Linux Professional Institute (LPI) will host a Talk Show — LPI & Sysvale, in Portuguese, with executives from both institutions, mediated by Eduardo Lima, LPI’s Business Executive. An open discussion of the listed themes and other related themes will take place on June 3rd, 19h00 (Brasilia Time, BRT). This talk show will be transmitted online into LPI’s Official Facebook Page in Portuguese (http://fb.com/lpiemportugues) where you can tune in and ask your questions!

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