Why Seek an LPI Security Essentials Certificate?

IT security is more important than ever. We are all, as individuals and as organizations, exposed to IT security threats. Therefore, every computer user needs information about protecting computers and data.

This goal prompted LPI to create the Security Essentials certificate to explain IT security. Having this certificate is critical for anyone who wants to develop their general IT competence in order to protect their computer, smartphone, data, and digital identity, as well as for companies and organizations that want to secure their operations.

Security Essentials is designed for students who want to learn the basics of IT security, get started in this field, and get a certificate that will help them find a job. It is also made for teachers, schools, and universities who want to teach these basics. Companies can also encourage their staff to get the certificate, to improve their overall IT security.

The current version of the certificate is 1.0 (identification code 020-100), an exam of 40 questions to be answered in 60 minutes. The objectives lay out what you need to know to obtain the certificate. Topics include security concepts, encryption, device and memory security, network and service security, identity, and privacy. As a prerequisite, you must pass the Linux Essentials 020 exam.

Individuals and institutions can approach Linux Security Essentials as follows:

  • Students and other individuals: Please view the objectives to see what you need to know to obtain the certificate. Test-takers can also form groups to share resources, explain study methods, and experiment. Also use available tools, such as practical tasks, quizzes, exercises and simulators, to better understand the topics discussed.
  • Teachers and school administrators: Compare the certificate objectives with your school or university course listings to check for coverage and gaps.
  • IT security teaching institutions: Become an LPI partner to give students access to educational and examination materials. Partnering with LPI can also help you gain new customers.

The Security Essentials certificate is the perfect tool for those who want to learn or teach the basics of IT security. Because of the wide recognition of IT security’s importance, this certificate can be helpful when looking for a job in the IT industry or when strengthening IT standards in organizations.

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About Wojciech Ciemski:

Defensive security warrior: an enthusiast of systems security and the well-known "blue team." Ciemski has many years of experience as a system administrator, mainly on Linux. ISMS-certified internal auditor conforming to ISO27001. Thanks to his experience in end-user support, Ciemski  is able to understand their needs and the dangers lurking in the IT world. He constantly improves his qualifications. Founder of the SecurityBezTabu.pl, where he devotes himself to his passion, which is cybersecurity and teaching others about it.

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