From Homelessness to Linux Triumph: Juliano’s Journey

From Homelessness to Linux Triumph: Juliano's Journey

Hello everybody: Juliano from São Paulo, Brazil here. Let me tell you my life story, a mix of personal dedication and vision, social progress initiatives, a love of education, and the power of open source software.

It is impossible not to begin by sharing the remarkable history of my family. My father endured five years of hardship as a homeless individual in downtown São Paulo at Praça da Sé. The circumstances that led him to become homeless are a tale for another time. Amidst his trials and tribulations, while seeking sustenance and shelter, he encountered a compassionate man who offered him work at a bar. After some initial hesitation, my father accepted this kind gesture.

By earning a meager income through cleaning and serving customers, he managed to secure a modest place to live, breaking free from the shackles of beggary. My father’s life can be summarized as an embodiment of hard work and dedication. He eventually retired as a driver, a profession that fills our hearts with immense pride. In every journey we embark on, we exchange glances with truck drivers, the mighty giants of the road.

During his bartending days, fate brought my father and mother together, and they were married.

We moved to Cidade Tiradentes, a neighborhood in São Paulo with the lowest Human Development Index (HDI), when I was just a few months old. My siblings and I grew up in an inhospitable environment, surrounded by drug dealers and various types of criminals. Nevertheless, my parents always steered us towards the right path. Following in my father’s footsteps, my older brother became a bus driver, while my sister contributed to our household income through a small candy business we ran from home. At the age of seventeen, I joined the same company where my father and brother worked, which provided for our entire family. Unfortunately, the company’s bankruptcy shattered our lives, leaving us in despair and grappling with numerous needs, including food.

During this challenging period, the municipal government of São Paulo introduced a digital inclusion program called Telecentros in our neighborhood. Unemployed and with ample spare time, I turned down offers to engage in a life of crime and instead volunteered for this program. In a matter of weeks, not only did I learn to use the computers that were made available, but I also acquired the skills to teach my friends.

Before long, I found employment as a teacher due to my familiarity with the local community and my growing knowledge of computers, particularly Linux. Although I wasn’t fully aware of its significance at the time, Linux was the cornerstone of my expertise. I obtained a Linux certification called Conectiva and became a proficient Linux server administrator.

Within the Telecentros program, I assumed the role of a Regional Coordinator responsible for managing over 200 computers, all running on Linux. It was during this period that I delved into shell script programming, authored documentation, and created course materials.

After six months of dedicated study, I achieved the long-awaited LPIC-1 certification, followed by LPIC-2. This pivotal moment led to a period of time where I delivered speeches at prestigious events such as Campus Party and participated in the renowned FISL (Festival of Free Software Installation) conferences.

My passion for Linux was so profound that I adorned my left arm with a Tux tattoo, the beloved Linux mascot (Figure 1).

Figure 1. A tattoo of the Linux mascot penguin Tux showed the importance of Linux to me.

Figure 1. A tattoo of the Linux mascot penguin Tux showed the importance of Linux to me.

Additionally, I launched a YouTube channel exclusively dedicated to Linux content, which has now surpassed 3 million views.

I graduated with a degree in Computer Engineering and later earned another degree in Pedagogy. It was during my studies that I discovered my profound love for teaching, a direct consequence of the philosophy surrounding free software. In the world of open source, we continuously share code and knowledge, unlike proprietary models.

Today, I am proud to be known as “Professor Juliano; teaching is a way of learning.” I have authored three books on Linux, including one on Servers (Apache, Squid, Firewall), and two on Linux certification, covering LPI and CompTIA Linux+.

Currently, I am in the process of writing my fourth book, covering Red Hat RHCSA certification. Moreover, this year marks the launch of my new website called Tux4you, which aims to provide free Linux courses and resources to individuals seeking to enhance their knowledge.

About Juliano Ramos:

I am Juliano, a living testament to the power of hard work and determination. From my father's experience of homelessness in downtown São Paulo to my own journey in the world of technology, I have overcome obstacles and embraced opportunities. With a passion for Linux and a commitment to sharing knowledge, I have become a Linux server administrator, an author of Linux books, and a dedicated teacher. My goal is to make a difference through free software and empower others through education.

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    Professor Juliano, you make every Brazilian proud. Thank you for your effort and kindness throughout your teaching.

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