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Nomination Committee: Structure, Processes and Elections

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AnchorChanges at Linux Professional Institute

Linux Professional Institute (LPI) has changed the bylaws, policies and processes that were reflected in its governance as the organization became a member based organization. Starting the year 2021, the Board of Directors will be elected by members of LPI.

LPI, the leader in open source skills assessment and certification, has also changed its mission to promote open source careers and professionalism.

Membership program was released in mid 2020 and is continuing to gather new members. Bylaw changes regarding this process are recorded in LPI bylaws 5.3 and 9.5.

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Members will be able to determine the future direction of LPI by voting for its Board of Directors. The election process should enable transparency and reflect the opinions of the LPI members.

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AnchorNomination Committee: Structure, Processes and Elections


The Nomination Committee is composed of between 6 and 12 people, appointed by the Board of Directors on the recommendations of the Board Governance Committee. Individuals can serve up to two consecutive three-year terms, after which they must wait three years before applying to be on the Nomination Committee again.

Initially, the full Committee will be created with staggered terms. Some will be appointed for two or one-year terms so that about one-third of the Committee is renewed or replenished each election cycle.


The Nomination Committee is charged with selecting a slate of candidates from which the Membership will elect LPI’s Directors. It governs the open solicitation of candidates from across the LPI community, and the performance of evaluation and due diligence among the applicants. The Committee is encouraged to actively and personally solicit candidacy from individuals who might otherwise not apply to be candidates.

Evaluation Criteria

The Nomination Committee is expected to recommend as candidates individuals who will bring high standards of governance and other expertise to the LPI Board. The Committee will give consideration in its selections to various criteria, both static and dynamic:

Static (core) criteria

  • Static (or core) criteria will not generally change between election cycles, and will remain constant due to the nature and goals of LPI, specifically:
  • Candidates are expected to have at least a basic understanding of the concepts behind open source software and related technology, preferably in professional contexts
  • Candidates are preferred who have existing Board experience at other non-profit organizations, especially membership-based organizations
  • Nominations should be undertaken such that at least one candidate has extensive experience in business, accounting and/or law
  • Diversity based on gender, country or region of origin is to be highly encouraged
  • At least one candidate should come from Canada, the country of LPI’s incorporation
  • All things being equal, candidates who are active LPI members should be preferred

Dynamic criteria

In addition to the above, LPI’s needs from its Directors may shift from year to year based on development of specific initiatives and partnerships, new program development or other factors.

Each year, the Nomination Committee will collaborate with the Board and senior staff to determine the specific expertise needs in any given election cycle.

Finding candidates

In order to attract the highest quality candidates that meet the above criteria, the Nomination Committee will be tasked with promotion of available Board vacancies using a variety of means.

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AnchorIncumbent Directors

The Committee will confer with existing Directors whose term is expiring at the time of the next election and who are eligible to serve for another term. Normally, any incumbent DIrector who wishes to stand for re-election shall be retained on the ballot. However, the Committee, by consensus, may choose not to retain on the ballot any Director because of:

  • Repeated and serious breaches of the LPI Code of Ethics and Conduct
  • Missed attendance at more than 25% of Board meetings
  • Other extraordinary circumstances

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Currently we are at the beginning of the timeline that will enable the governance change, selection of the Nomination Committee, and New Board of Directors.

February 2022
Public solicitation for Nomination Committee vacancies
Member solicitation for Member-nominated Director candidates
Public solicitation for Directors candidates

May 2022
The Nomination Committee will be inviting prospective candidates
Nomination Committee will evaluate candidates and match them to the eligibility criteria. They will report their findings to the Board of Directors
In the next step, Nomination Committee will finalize the list of Director candidates, send list and resumes to staff and board and create a list of Member Director candidates
LPI will collect member nominations; due diligence
prepare final list of member Director candidates
Publish two lists of candidate slates (NomCom and Member-nominated)
LPI will Announce election and AGM

June 2022
Returning officer will confirm results and report to the Board
Board will meet: Board Governance Committee reviews process and results and reports to board for confirmation
Annual General Meeting and public announcement of election results will be held
Announcement of the new Board

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If you have any questions, watch our LPI Board Elections 2022 webinar series or email governance@lpi.org.

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