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Linux Professional Institute contracts with Trainocate as a new training partner

April 16, 2019 Tokyo - Linux Professional Institute (LPI), the world's largest organization focused on accreditation and support for open source engineer skills development, is a human resource development company, Trainocate Inc. (Head office: Tokyo, Japan Shinjuku Ward, Representative Director: Takashi Ozawa) announced that it has signed an LPI Accredited Training Partner (LPI-ATP) contract to expand the business of developing Linux engineers.... Read more

[Media Coverage] Interview article published in IT Human Resources Lab

2019/3/22, G. Matthew Rice, a representative of LPI Headquarters, and a partner, who provide articles useful for "recruitment, development, utilization and evaluation" of IT personnel, operated by Shoyusha Co., Ltd. Interview with director Rafael Peregrino da Silva has been posted. In the interview, we will introduce in detail the future development of certification in Japan. Please take a look.... Read more