History of Women in Computing: GNU Girls

The computer field—and especially free and open source software—has to work harder to be friendly to women and non-binary participants. We could do well to look at a little-known group called GNU Girls that helped to change the field between … Read more

Simone “Simo” Bertulli: LPI’s Certifications – What Is Your Path?

In this post I will do something different from the previous ones: I will be matching the LPI’s certifications panel with specific job descriptions and career paths. LPI offers technical certifications for every level of training and on different subjects. … Read more

The People Behind the Learning Portal: Luciano Siqueira

Linux Professional Institute (LPI) launched the Learning Portal in June 2019. The Learning Portal is the repository of all the Learning Materials for our exams. The whole project is managed by Dr. Markus Wirtz, Manager Learning Materials at LPI. We designed … Read more

How to Handle Vulnerabilities in Third-Party Programming Libraries

Almost all software calls multiple layers of third-party libraries. Suppose, for instance, that a Java program invokes a function from a standard library to format a date. That function might in turn call a function from another library that understands … Read more

LPI Shares Plans and Services with Asia-Pacific Partners

It is great to see partners of the Linux Professional Institute (LPI) getting together and sharing ideas with LPI. This article reports the major topics of the first Asia-Pacific APAC Partner Meeting, which took place on November 19, 2021. LPI … Read more

The Opening World: An Open Anniversary Review, Part 2

This is the second of a two-part article on openness in everything everywhere. The first part was devoted to the unfortunately necessary defense of openness. This second part presents a case study and more examples. Open Source Intel: A Case … Read more

The Opening World: An Open Anniversary Review, Part 1

Walls holding back information sharing and participatory decision-making have been breaking down over the past few decades. Many readers will question this claim, basing their fears on recent developments in politics, disinformation, and social disintegration. But I hold on to … Read more

Climbing the Pyramid

Just a few weeks ago, Linux Professional Institute announced a complete refresh of its Level 3 exams, the second since its founding. As with our other certifications, the LPIC-3 program is under constant review to ensure that what we test … Read more

Open Access Flips Hundreds of Years of Scientific Research, Part 2

A true revolution has hit academia over the past couple decades, changing how publications fund their work and in consequence the ways researchers share information. The previous article in this series introduced Open Access, describing its benefits and how it … Read more

Open Access Flips Hundreds of Years of Scientific Research

We have viewed the spirit of openness from many angles—in free software, open government, and many other trends—in the Open Anniversary series published on this LPI site during 2021. No field has been more transformed by this spirit than academic … Read more

Grounding For Open Source Foundations: An Interview with Martin Michlmayr

Foundations play a crucial role in open source. Few free software projects can set up a non-profit corporation and legal protection for their code, organize a board of directors to handle all their administrative needs, or raise the necessary funds. … Read more

Simone “Simo” Bertulli: Lpic-3 Security – How to Approach the Certification

When you are LPIC-2 certified and start looking at the highest level of certification in Linux Professional Institute (LPI), the LPIC-3 specializations, you are faced with a choice. On the one hand, a better and more extensive academic preparation would … Read more