Five mistakes to avoid when you upgrade to Linux

Moreno Razzoli, aka Morrolinux, is a YouTuber, FOSS evangelist, and LPI’s Platinum Partner. He returns to this site support the Upgrade to Linux initiative. When you are starting your Linux journey, the first steps are extremely important. We have all … Read more

Latinoware 2022: It was great to be back

Latinoware has been one of the major Brazilian computer conferences for the past eighteen years, with a wide-ranging program combining straightforward technical topics (AI, DevOps, etc.) with the social and economic aspects of computing (smart cities, women in tech, etc.) … Read more

How to Prepare for the Web Development Essentials Exam, Part 2: Front End and Back End

This article continues a series about the most recent addition to Linux Professional Institute certifications: Web Development Essentials. The first part introduced the skills that make you a web developer; now we’ll look at the technologies required for each piece … Read more

How Linux met my mother

Resistance to the new and unknown is part of human behavior. It is an evolutionary trait, which in general protects us against environmental hazards and at the same time prevents us from wasting energy unnecessarily. Recently, research has demonstrated that … Read more

How to Prepare for the Web Development Essentials Exam, Part 1: The Most Essential

What organization can exist today without a web page? If you know how to create a web site, you can add enormous value to any organization you work for, and find employment almost anywhere. The Web Development Essentials certificate from … Read more

Strategic moves at Federal Academy for Cyber Education in India

When a college in India, the Federal Academy for Cyber Education (FACE), started a major restructuring of their program, an important part of their strategy was to become a partner of Linux Professional Institute (LPI). I talked to founder and … Read more

How a GNU/Linux Distribution Succeeds, Part 2: Red Hat and Debian Steps to Success

The first article in this series looked at the key roles played by community and policy from the beginning in the Red Hat and Debian distributions of Linux. We’ll look at two other key success factors in this concluding part. … Read more

Slimbook plans to expand its Linux laptop business

Slimbook has been selling laptops running GNU/Linux along with server systems and accessories since 2015. A company running out of Valencia, Spain, it has recently just signed a Solution Provider agreement with Linux Professional Institute (LPI). To learn more about … Read more

The Developers Conference demonstrates how all technology events are FOSS events

For fifteen years, The Developers Conference has taken place in several locations in Brazil. Of course, during the Covid-19 outbreak, like several other conferences, TDC (as it is called by its participants), became a virtual event. Returning in August, 2022 … Read more

How a GNU/Linux Distribution Succeeds, Part 1: Two Long-Lasting Examples

In the world of GNU/Linux distributions, many flourish like grass and then wither away. Despite many appealing elements, a lot of distributions lack staying power. But the ones that have been most successful share some key traits among their great … Read more

Antonio Sánchez Corbalán Spreads His FOSS Knowledge Across the Spanish Community

Linux Professional Institute signed up Antonio Sánchez Corbalán as an Authorized Training Partner in 2020. He has become extraordinarily popular by offering LPIC 1 training online (as well as Linux Essentials training), sometimes cost-free. Antonio has recently risen from the … Read more

Open Source JobHub connects job hunters with companies working in FOSS

Open Source JobHub (OSJH), a unique site that connects potential employees with companies working with free and open source software, has just formed a Sustaining Partnership with Linux Professional Institute (LPI). Launched in the first week of May,OSJH is similar, … Read more