IBM, Red Hat and Free Software: An old maddog’s view

Copyright 2023 by Jon “maddog” Hall Licensed under Creative Commons BY-SA-ND Photo: © Santiago Ferreira Litowtschenko Several people have opined on the recent announcement of Red Hat to change their terms of sales for their software.  Here are some thoughts … Read more

LPI Advocacy in Vietnam Continues to Grow

In 2023, as Linux Professional Institute (LPI) continues to expand its engagement in the APAC region. We are scaling up our involvement particularly in Vietnam, building upon the progress made in 2022. Vietnam’s thriving IT landscape presents immense opportunities, making … Read more

Morrolinux’s Tips: Linux Recovery Tools

Recovering from system issues and boot failures is an essential skill needed by all Linux users. While Windows users often rely on automated recovery tools, Linux users have traditionally taken a more hands-on approach. However, that doesn’t mean that Linux … Read more

Boost Your IT Career by Learning DevOps with LPI

DevOps combines development (dev) and operations (ops) to increase the efficiency, speed, and security of software development and delivery compared to traditional processes. DevOps is a software engineering methodology that aims to integrate the work of software development and software … Read more

From Homelessness to Linux Triumph: Juliano’s Journey

Hello everybody: Juliano from São Paulo, Brazil here. Let me tell you my life story, a mix of personal dedication and vision, social progress initiatives, a love of education, and the power of open source software. It is impossible not … Read more

A Successful Talent Land ’23 for LPI and Partners

Talent Land is a major annual tech event held in Mexico. This year, the event boasted an impressive number of registered attendees, with 40,379 individuals from all over the world. There were 873 speakers, 642 talks, and 161 workshops spanning … Read more

From USB Modems to FOSS: Roberto Guido’s Journey

Hello everyone, Roberto here! My relationship with Linux started quite unexpectedly, all because of an ADSL USB modem. I was 16 years old when I got my first PC, and shortly after that, I learned about Linux from a magazine … Read more

Certification For Employee Development and Retention

“Personal certificates claim to offer reliable proof of individual knowledge, skills and competencies.” This quote comes from a web site offering expert advice on the web. I believe most people in the computer industry would agree that it’s valuable to … Read more

Help Careers Take Off: Certifications and Hiring

Because obtaining an IT certification, at Linux Professional Institute or another vendor, takes a lot of work, it’s important to hear how certifications improve both individual careers and corporate goals. At the company where I am Senior Talent Consultant, HR, Avinton … Read more

How LPI’s Certifications Shaped My Career: Lilia Sfaxi

As a passionate computer science teacher, I have always advocated for the use of Linux in the classroom. Its reliability, versatility, and widespread adoption in the industry make it an ideal choice for aspiring professionals. Little did I know that … Read more

LPIC-3: Be More Than an Expert, Be an Authority!

All professionals working in open source IT careers know the importance and relevance of LPI certifications. When we reach the impressive milestone of achieving the LPIC-2 certification, we remember the arduous journey of studying and acquiring applicable knowledge that this … Read more

Supporting Our Community: Linux Clubs

Linux Professional Institute offers a lot of cost-free services to our communities. We don’t have to make money on everything we do. LPI is a non-profit outfit, so as long as we earn enough to sustain the organization we can … Read more