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Exploring DevOps Tools - How to Choose the Tools Right for You

The popularity of the DevOps movement has resulted in a wide range of tools in the marketplace; the XebiaLabs DevOps Tool Chest alone lists over 200 different individual tools. And while DevOps is about more than just which tools you use, they are essential to benefiting from the improved speed, agility, and automation that DevOps offers.  ... Read more

What is DevOps? or: Why Another DevOps Certification?

The Linux Professional Institute ("LPI") recently announced the objectives for a new certification – the LPIC-OT DevOps Tools Engineer – which tests the skills and understanding of the open source tools commonly used by organisations trying to create a DevOps environment.... Read more

The Skills Gap and Future-Proofing Your Career

I speak to so many enthusiastic people at open source events around the world and they’re always looking for some real practical advice. It’s safe to say that evidence has been steadily mounting in the last few years for a critical skills gap in the global workforce.... Read more